CBR Exclusives

Issue #109

A Blast From The Past: wasn't the future wonderful, and other tales of lost opportunities...

Primate pitches proceed in Hollywood. Ball and Chain still a contender. Eltingville waits. Cage angling for Hard Boiled. More!

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YABS Flashback A very special YABS written by Warren Ellis, Mark Waid, Dan Brereton, Joe Quesada, and many more!

Issue #32

This week, a little peek behind the curtain, as Larry tells what cutting granite has to do with comic book discussion on the Internet.

John Dykstra on Spider-Man. Goyer on Blade 3 and Ghost Rider. Judge Dredd making a comeback? More!

Issue #108

From out of the past: what's the difference between a whore and comics editor? A whore will sleep with anyone, and a comics editor will sleep with anyone but you. Find out why, this week...

Augie brings you his Day 2 report from WizardWorld, including a recap of the ACTOR auction (some great stuff here), reports from the very crowded floor and Augie questions why anyone would stand an hour in line for an autograph!

WizardWorld 2001: Augie discusses a Friday at WizardWorld filled with lunches with CrossGen publisher Mark Alessi, some impressions of the crowd and a recap of his day on the floor.

Pipeline2, Issue #112

'The Copybook Tales' trade is back on track and Augie has the scoop first! Also, reviews of 'Jingle Belle', 'Cybernary', 'Shades of Blue', and more!

Issue #31

This week, Larry throws down a comic book marketing gauntlet while simultaneously weaving a metaphor about fifths of liquor and neighborhood alley cats.

Wonder Woman looking good. Marvels film to debut at Wizard World. Canada strikes a deal with the Daredevil. JLA, TMNT, More!

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YABS Flashback Comics are too talky these days, and filled with too much art! Now, we've boiled the classics down to their very essence in this week's YABS!

Issue #30

This week, Larry weaves together a cautionary tale of common sense, the Oakland Raiders, rabid politicians, and the Ministry of Space.

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