CBR Exclusives

Issue #127

Steven Grants shares some stories and personal memories of Julie Schwartz, the current state of self-publishing, a look at cover design and some old ideas that are making a come back and much more.

Pipeline, Issue #349

'Sleeper' gets rave critical reviews all across the internet. Augie sat down with the entire series this weekend and shares his thoughts on the book that made many Best Of lists last year. Also, a look at this week's latest CrossGen offering, 'Abadazad.'

A new creator owned book coming from Garth Ennis, some updates on the CrossGen financial situation and the cancellation of 'Brath,' Mark Millar's 'Unfunnies' update, manga translators and much more. Updated February 18th with news on 'Astonishing X-Men,' 'Catwoman: Roman Holiday' and Warren Ellis on 'Ultimate Fantastic Four.'

Issue #22

James sets the Valentine mood with a look at a selection of great romance comics with varying degrees of sweet and sour. Books include 'Preacher,' 'Jinx,' 'Love Hina,' 'Blankets,' 'Kill Your Boyfriend,' 'Marmalade Boy,' 'True Story Swear To God,' 'Ultimate Spider-Man' and 'Clumsy.' Plus, follow-up to last week's column on the YASLA Library list.

Issue #35

In which Torres talks to writer Ron Marz about his last issue of "The Path" and Comic Book Idol winner Patrick Scherberger about his first issue of "The Path" …

Issue #126

You ask Steven the questions, he answers them. Subjects include Democrats, graphic novel only stores, best Jim Shooter story, favorite non-comics writer, wrestling and much more. Plus a look at Marvel's 'The Truth' and much more.

Pipeline, Issue #348

Augie finally gets to the point where the 'Uncanny X-Men' train jumps the tracks. To balance that out, he reviews 'The Monolith' #1 and Paul Grist's 'Kane,' two books well worth reading.

Rich takes a look at what Joe Quesada had to say last week about the X-Books line-up, Brazillian publisher printing American comics illegally, new from Joe R. Landsdale, a sequel planned to Alan Moore's 'Terra Obscura' and much more.

Issue #21

There are many worthy awards to win as a comic creator, but getting on the Young Adult Library Services Association list of Best Books for Young Adults is a big one. James tells you more about this award, why you should care about it and what you can do as a creator to be considered.

Issue #35

In which Torres turns the column over to writer Erick Hogan ("Inside the Lines") to celebrate Black History Month with a brief history of African America comic book heroes…

Issue #125

Steven shares with you the story of the beginnings of 'My Flesh is Cool,' his new series out now from Avatar Press, as well as the title's unusual origin.

Pipeline, Issue #347

Augie takes a long look at Mark Waid's current run on 'Fantastic Four' and Garth Ennis' third batch of 'Punisher' stories. There are also some DVD recommendations in here this week.

Rich brings you news of a new X-book penned by Joss Whedon, some of Chris Slaremont's upcomong X-plans, a possible new artist on 'Wolverine,' a 'Lost Girl' preview, CrossGen's financial woes may be changing and much more.Updated 1:27 AM Includes the Tony Moore cover to 'Walking Dead' #9.

Issue #20

Brian thinks 2004 is already off to a good start for the comics industry, some thoughts on the upcoming APE convention in San Francisco and more images from the Brian Wood Month celebration.

Issue #34

In which OYM talks to Clifford Meth of Aardwolf Publishing about the Dave Cockrum fund raising events, "Queen & Country" artist Mike Hawthorne about his latest project, and two of the whitest guys working in comics (Robert Kirkman and B. Clay Moore) about their four-color offerings in February's catalog…

Issue #124

Last week Steven detailed for his readers the Finger Awards for Underachievements in Comics Editing and this week is part two of this controversial award. Loads of reviews including 'Dark Days #6,' 'Dead@17,' 'The Picture Show,' 'Wynonna Earp' and others. Plus, thoughts on the Democratic primaries, reader e-mail and more.

Pipeline, Issue #346

Augie reviews a smatter of recent books, including 'Three Days in Europe,' 'Ultimate X-Men,' 'DC: The New Frontier,' and even the 'Marc Silvestri Sketchbook.' Plus, how to write a scene transition.

It's another biggie this week with word of a 'Sin City' movie in the works, the new 'X-Men' book, the next Alan Moore project to get a comics adaptation from Avatar, 'New Frontier' price issues, Paul Lee on 'Spawn,' what Avatar publisher William Christensen was up to at the Adult Entertainment Expo and much more. Updated 1/27/04 1:00 AM PST

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