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Issue #29

The First Rule of Specialty Retail: For the Love of God, Don't Turn Your Brain Off; Customers Will Stop Giving You Money

John Rogers talks about the Mage movie. Exclusive scoops on Supernatural Law, Fistful of Blood and the Spider-Man Animated show. Official announcements and more!

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It's a special YABS Flashback this week as we look at the first work ever by Fan-Fic Writer extraordinaire Brendan "Nightwing" Hockenberry. Gail will return with a new YABS next week!

Issue #28

Larry gives you a quick run-down of the real heroes of San Diego, and casts doubt on the structural integrity of Joe Quesada's skull.

Issue #104

At long last, why The Punisher is an existentialist, and what it means to you...

In the wake of the weekend's Comic-Con coverage, Rob reviews the pilot episode of Smallville.

Augie discusses why you should care about "Electric Girl" by Michael Brennan and why you should be reading it, plus a note about the Pipeline review policy.

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Special OUR WEB AT WAR! Issue of Buzzline this week -- No horoscopes, no lotto numbers, just pure journalism at its finest!

Pipeline2, Issue #108

Augie ran wild in San Diego. Get the complete rundown, some shameless name-dropping, and reviews of 'Double Image' and 'Slow News Day' in this edition of Pipeline..

BREAKING NEWS! Mage movie has a director! Lofficier's Robur is optioned for TV. More info about Detectives, Inc. Spider-Man trailer. New sites for Ghost World and Dan Dare. C2F heads to Comic-Con!!

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