CBR Exclusives

Issue #6

Tony takes a look at the cold war era Manga series "Cyborg 009" by Shotaro Ishinomori and released through Tokyopop. Seeing as how this series began publication in 1963, "Cyborg 009" provides a different look at Manga compared to more contemporary product.

Issue #180

Steven takes some time to talk about the Oscars and Hollywood, then switches to the fiscal sensibilities of the graphic novel, a helping of reviews, comments on current political rumors and much more.

Pipeline, Issue #412

Augie looks into Previews' crystal ball to see what trade paperbacks are hitting the stands in July. Also, what books have been cancelled or delayed? Updated 5/4/05 with Pipeline Podcast #16.

Issue #29

This week Joe and Matt talk about something that, well, you just can't talk about too much as a professional in today's industry. What might that be? Come on in to find out.

Pipeline, Issue #403

Pipeline looks into another Sin City volume, "Family Values," as well as Marvel's "Loki" mini. Plus, it's been two months since The Purge began. How do things stand now? Augie takes a look. UPDATED 3/2/05 with Pipeline Podcast #9

This week Rich has the list of creditors owed by Dreamwave to the tune of $1.3 Million, Joe Kubert on Sgt. Rock, Steve Uy's next project, is Adam Hughes the new cover artist on "Catwoman," A look at some of J. Scott Campbell's "WildSiderz" art and much, much more.

Issue #62

Larry makes one of his irregular stops here at CBR on the occasion of Hunter S. Thompson's death, not to eulogize the lost writer, but to pay respects to one who's still with us. Who's Larry talking about? You'll have to read LOOSE CANNON to find out.

Issue #51

James shares "A Thought On Life," "A Word About Retailing" and "A Surprise Visit" for readers this week. Plus, what the Isotope staff is reading this week and much more.

Issue #179

What's the most neglected aspect of comics storytelling? Steven ponders that questions plus a handful of reviews like "Wyatt Earp" and "Styx Taxi," smack talk and much, much more.

Issue #28

If asked, how would you define the comics industry right now? Joe and Matt ponder just that question in this week's Basement Tapes and make some interesting observations.

Pipeline, Issue #402

Augie looks at two manga series, "Hikaru No Go" and "Noodle Fighter Miki." Plus, reviews of "Elektra: The Hand" and "The Dare Detectives," and a fresh batch of one-liners. Updated 2/23/05 with Pipeline Podcast #8!

It's a big one this week with news that Avatar has gobbled up the licenses to "Nightmare on Elm Street," "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Friday the 13th," plus the latest on Dreamwave's Bankruptcy, the suggestive "Doom Patrol" panel, the return of Catpain Britain, Todd McFarlane teaches and much more.

Issue #5

Tony takes a look at the classic hardcore action manga series "Fist of the North Star." But, with the publisher of the series currently on hiatus, what does it mean for fans of the manga?

Issue #178

Steven talks about a long whispered project of his, "Videoactive," that fell apart and gives you a rare, inside look at the now abandoned script for the book and what happened along the way.

Pipeline, Issue #401

Augie examines the return of 'Grimjack' this week. It's also time for a couple of meme thoughts and a new French artist of the week. Updated 2/16/05 with Pipeline Podcast #7.

Issue #27

Joe and Matt explore those rare events in comics known as "The Definitive Run." There's a number worth discussing, but the guys wonder if it's even possible for such a thing to exist these days in comics.

As Rich heads back to the United Kingdom from his quick visit to the States he's prepared an abbreviated Lying In the Gutters for you with a look at the covers to "Hunter-Killer" #2, a "Darkness: Black Sails" preview, an update on the missing "Captain Britain" page, a new series from Marvel and more. Updated

Issue #50

James bring you some Comic Pimp love on Valentines Day with a new column and the answer to the question, "What is the coolest thing ever to happen in you store?" Plus, couriers jumping, a Martin Emond sketchbook gallery and more.

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