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Issue #16

Matt grills Joe about his recent comics touring that he did, from LA to San Francisco to Dallas in one week's time. Was the experience worth it? Does it help build audience? And who paid for the cost of the flight?

Rich muses about Marvel a bit, then some discussion of what will happen with CrossGen's aborted "American Power" series, what MV Creations Val Staples is up to, pictures of David Mack getting his groove on, another Hasbro license snapped up by Devil's Due and more! 10:30 AM - Images fixed.

Issue #165

Steven shares the story of "Edge" (the book he co-created with Gil Kane at Malibu Comics in the '90s as part of the Bravura line), how it came to be, why it got cancelled and even the more recent troubles in trying to put the collection together under the new name "The Last Heroes."

Pipeline, Issue #387

Augie looks at "Tim Sale: Black and White" and a host of other more recent comic books like "Jubilee," "JLA: Classified" #1, "Avengers" #503, "The Intimates" #1, plus the Marvel trades publication schedule, an artist of the week, and more.

Casey and Fraction examine the concept of "Team Comics." No, not the JLA or X-Men or something of that sort, but the idea that comics professionals and readers should join together to help raise the profile of the industry without question.

What's the connection between an upcoming Marvel comic and the American Government? Rich puts together the puzzle pieces. Plus, "Abadazad" plans, conservative moves by Marvel, Mark Alessi's new company, "300" film news, WizardWorld Texas news and notes and more.

Issue #164

Steven takes a look at classic romance comics and what today's comic writers and artists can take from them and how it's influenced some of his own upcoming work, artist of the week, reviews and much, much more.

Issue #14

Matt interviewed Joe a couple of weeks back, so now it's Joe's turn to talk with Matt about his work in the now-on-the-stands "30 Days of Night: Bloodsucker Tales" as Matt shares a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process for his story "Juarez."

Pipeline, Issue #386

Once more unto the breach: Augie rifles through the new Previews catalog in a desperate effort to find the newest and most exciting books for January 2005.

Issue #47

James takes Joe Casey, Jim Lee and Giuseppe Camuncoli to the prom this Wednesday ... well, sort of. James celebrates the release of "The Intimates" #1 at the Isotope this week and in anticipation of that event talks with the creative team.

The pendulum swings for comics publishers, Mike Turner's next big project, Humberto Ramos signs with French publisher, recycling old comic pitches, Ultimate Thor, Mr. T comes back to comics and much more.

Issue #163

Steven examines the role of the post-superhero, who has done it well in the past and who's doing it well today. Plus, those Two Heads Talk, the final round of political talk before the election and much more.

Pipeline, Issue #385

Augie looks at two books from TwoMorrows Publishing that cover creators from across the pond: "The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore" and the more recent "True Brit."

Issue #13

One of the hardest aspects of writing a solid stoy is coming up with a solid ending to match. Joe & Matt talk about endings this week, those that work, those that don't and the struggle to fit them in naturally on page 22.

Rich checks in with lots of news from the London mini-convention. Plus, Darick Robertson as Nightcrawler, trading votes for comics, Kirkman and Niles to die - in a comic, how Marvel's John Dokes almost killed Stan Lee, why Tom Coker's off "Blood & Water 2" and much more.

Issue #162

Steven talks about the deadline intensive world of freelance writing and how there's just never enough time, no matter how hard you try to plan. Plus Artist and Writer of the week, political ramblings and much more.

Pipeline, Issue #384

Augie's reading speed raises some questions. Plus, reviews of "The Ultimates," Wizard Spider-Man hardcovers and "Powers" #5 and the artist and blog of the week.

Issue #12

If you've not been reading the Basement Tapes thus far, this is the issue to begin with! Joe & Matt get their geek on comparing the heroes at DC and Marvel. What's the big difference between the two? Plus, Joe reveals a storyline that could have been in the pages of "Superman."

Rich is back with all sorts of goodies including word on the Image 10th Anniversary book, Johnny Depp reading the "Madman" script, new graphic novel anthologies coming from image, the "Inhumans" swipe, Frank Cho talks "Shanna" changes, Captain Carrot's next appearance and much more.

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