CBR Exclusives

Issue #38

So, the DC/Humanoids/Rebellion 2000 AD deal fell apart a couple of weeks back, but the question remains why? What opportunities were missed? Who really looses out in this situation? Joe & Matt talk about it in this week's The Basement Tapes.

Issue #10

This week Tony leaves the Land of the Rising Sun and checks out the American Manga "Van Von Hunter" by Mike Schwark & Ron Kaulfersch from Tokyopop.

Issue #188

Steven continues his "Creating Comics Step By Step" this week with the sixth chapter in the series covering characterization.

Issue #37

Joe & Matt sit down to talk about the "Sin City" feature film, what's next for Frank Miller's career and what the success of the film, both commercially and critically, means for the future of non-super hero comics headed to the big screen.

Issue #187

Steven continues his Creating Comics series with step five, the setting. Plus, a whole boatload of reviews, reader e-mail and much more.

Issue #36

Is there a downside to comic book celebrity? Joe and Matt explore the downside of hitting it big in the comics industry as a creator and what it means when you've attained that top status.

Issue #53

James checks in to talk about the winner of the Isotope Award for Excellence in Mini-Comics, a creator long time CBR visitors should be familiar with, Daniel Merlin Goodbrey.

Issue #9

This week Tony checks in with Tokyopop's "Planetes," a highly recommended bit of manga that's sure to entertain fans of "The Right Stuff," "Apollo 13" or even your average scifi fan.

Issue #186

Steve continues his step-by-step lesson on creating comics, this week spending more time looking at the challenges of plot, plus reader e-mail and much more.

Pipeline, Issue #409

Augie looks at the "Sin City" movie to see how far stylization can go, gives Jim Lee's "Superman" a chance, and looks back to the horror tale, "Freak Show." Updated 4/13/05 with Pipeline Podcast #13.

Issue #35

Joe and Matt sit down to talk about the big summer event comics including the recent "Coundown to Infinite Crisis" and the upcoming "House of M." What do they really mean for the industry? And what drives these events?

Issue #185

Steven checks in with step four of his "Creating Comics Step By Step" series, a bunch of reader e-mail, reviews of anime DVD's "Cromartie High School" & "Comic Party," plus a look at the "Sin City" movie as well as last year's "Puinsher." It's a busy Permanent Damage this week!

Pipeline, Issue #408

Augie takes a look at the three trades collecting Greg Rucka's run on Marvel's "Wolverine." Plus, hetakes a look at the recent list of sold out and canceled comics. Updated 04/06/05 with Pipeline Podcast #14.

Issue #34

Joe sent Matt an advance copy of "The Intimates" #6 to look at and with the issue coming out this Wednesday, Matt decided to ask him about it's unusual story structure and the secret origin of one of the book's stars.

Issue #63

Larry Young stops by to talk about how his first reading of "Sin City" affected and influenced his career in the comics industry.

Issue #8

Tony takes a look at "Lupin III: World's Most Wanted," the second series of Lupin manga published by Tokyopop, which is the crudest Lupin series to date from the mind of Monkey Punch.

Issue #184

Is there a trend in comics to use rape as a story gimmick? Some fans do and Steven takes a look in to it. Plus, reader e-mail including comments on the creating comics series, a handfull of reviews and much more.

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