CBR Exclusives

Issue #24

A whole slew of different things this week, including Zorak from 'Space Ghost,' how Matt's film process has been affected by comics writing, plus artwork from two upcoming projects including 'Last of the Independents' with art by Kieron 'Avengers' Dwyer.

The latest on movie developments for 'Shi,' 'Madman' and 'Hellboy.' Plus, what you'll be getting on the 'Spider-Man' DVD and TV news for 'Witchblade,' 'Birds of Prey' and much more.

Issue #44

Is the quality of printing suffering in the comics industry, or is it the attention to detail that's lacking? Some more thoughts on CrossGen's current position in the market. And Steven shares his thoughts on the government's new 'TIPS' program.

Pipeline, Issue #266

Augie reviews three books from DC due for release this week, including Devin Grayson's first 'Nightwing,' Brian Vaughan's 'Y-- The Last Man #1,' and 'Automatic Kafka #1.'

Another jam packed column featuring serious news of a comics pro being threatened with bodily harm, a whole transforming truckload of 'Transformers' bits, even more on the Ultimatisation of Marvel, an Image super hero line and much more.

Pipeline2, Issue #158

Is 'Ultimatizing' the Marvel Universe the right way to go? Augie offers up his thoughts on the latest batch of rumors from CBR's own Lying In The Gutters.

Issue #23

Matt Fraction sits down with writer Joe Casey to talk his upcoming 'Automatic Kafka,' the online world of comics, marketing this industry and more stuff.

Issue #43

Some thoughts on news out of Wizard World: Chicgo, a look back at an amusing week in politics, Steven's plans for San Diego and a collection of reviews.

Batman vs. Superman is a go and C2F has all the good stuff. Plus Stan Winston on 'Mutant Earth,' 'Smallville's' Michael Rosenbaum speaks, 'Wonder Woman' news and more!

Pipeline, Issue #265

Augie looks at two very promising books that are hitting shelves this week: 'Stormwatch: Team Achilles #1' and 'Ultimates #5.' Read Pipeline to see why they're both great reads.

Another week, another column filled with rumor and gossip from Rich Johnston. This week examines the Joe Quesada on-the-ropes rumors, Ultimatising the MU, what's up with 'Fray,' Brian Hitch on 'The Ultimates' schedule, a first look at Warren Ellis and Jacen Burrows 'Scars' and much more.

Issue #22

'Matt Fraction: The Scripted Adventures' picks up where it left off last week with tales of Los Angeles intrigue, a 'Who' loving Cabbie and a Mayan or two.

Issue #42

An follow-up on the Cattle Call issue raised last week, the Pledge of Allegiance, Martha Stewart, some Coming Attractions and more, as you'd expect from Mr. Grant.

The latest news from hollywood on Matt Busch's 'Crisis,' Mike Allred's 'G-Men From Hell,' 'Men In Black II' (out today!), an 'X-Men 2' trailer, 'Birds of Prey' pictures and much more!

Pipeline, Issue #264

CrossGen starts up two new lines of comics. Marvel gets more desperate for attention. DC sends mixed messages. And Augie has something to say about all of it.

It's the official launch of Rich Johnston's new Lying in the Gutters and this first issue is chock full of stories. Here's some titles to tease you with: 'Is Tibet the new Gay?' 'Ennis and Robertson on Wolverine,' 'Americans, meet Big Dave,' 'Andrews on Ultimate X-Men,' 'Frank Miller plans at DC' and much more!

Issue #21

It's either 'Poplife: The Comic' or 'Matt Fraction: The Comic.' We're not sure which. And what role does California Governor Gray Davis play in this intrigue?

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