CBR Exclusives

Issue #176

Steven starts out his column with two simple words: free porn. What does it mean? How does it apply to comics? And will you actually get free porn by reading the column? Click on in to find out.

Pipeline, Issue #399

Augie gives you an advance review of three new trades shipping this week. "Small Gods," "PVP Reloaded," and "Couriers 03" get the treatment. Updated 2/2/05 with the latest Pipeline Podcast.

Issue #25

Joe and Matt sit down to look at the current comics zeitgeist. Inspired by a passage from a Grant Morrion introduction in the "Flash: Born To Run" trade, the two talk about the current trends in comics and how they mirror trends seen in the '90s. Where is this all taking us?

The alternate cover for "Intimates" #4 you won't be seeing any time soon, Bryan Lee O'Malley's "Scott Pilgrim" feature may have a director, possible kinks with the "Transformers" license, Dave Sim's letter to retailers about "Cerebus" price increases, "Watchmen" film news and much more. Updated 2/2/05

Issue #49

James takes a look at the future of Image with a long spotlight on the June debuting Image Comics series "Strange Girl," by Rick Remender and Eric Nguyen. Definitely something you won't want to miss.

Issue #175

Steven talks about DC's recently cancelled titles and what it really means versus typical fan reaction, plus a look at how the launch of "Birds of Prey" is an interesting example of a new title being launched well. And much more.

Issue #24

This week Joe & Matt take a look at the "comics blogosphere." What influence did it have and what influence does it have today? What role will it play in the future of comics? Find out what the guys think in this week's Basement Tapes.

Lots of stuff this week including Alan Moore on the BBC, updates to the future of "G.I. Joe" comics, the Transformers land at Devil's Due, Classic Lady Death cover and "Stargate: Atlantis" comic news, Michael Moorcock's DC connection and much, much more.- 1/26/04 - time corrected for Chain Reaction program.

Issue #3

Your manga education continues this week as Tony takes a look at two works, "Goku: Midnight Eye" and "Kakuto," by one of the Masters of Modern Manga, Buichi Terasawa.

Issue #48

James Sime makes a grand return to the Comic Pimp and answers three questions you've been sending him including "Where is the Comic Pimp?" Plus, James share's his love of everything "2000AD" and much more.

Due to a computer crash, PERMANENT DAMAGE for this week will be delayed, but click on through any way for a quick message from Steven.

Rich takes a look at pages from "Shanna The She Devil" before it's been sexed down, "Iron Man" running late, John Ney Rieber dreams, Angel Medina's next move, the new "ShadowHawk" artist, "Shaun of the Dead" comic pitch, the future of "G.I. Joe," Evil Ernie's return and much more. Updated 1/19/05

Pipeline, Issue #397

This week, Augie previews this week's "Demo" scriptbook, alongside reviews of two eerily similar horror comics and a pair of Will Eisner classics. Updated 1/19/05 with Pipeline Podcast #3 with show notes.

Issue #23

Artists of all types suffer from it at some point. For some it comes suddenly and leaves quickly, but for others it lingers for a while. It affects each artist differently. What is it? Burnout. Joe & Matt talk about what they do when it hits.

Issue #174

Steven talks about visiting the big Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas last week, why art comics publishers are taking a beating, reviews of "Hero Squared," "It's a Bird..." & "Love & Rockets" plus much more.

Pipeline, Issue #396

Augie looks at the all-too-small stack of Will Eisner's work on his book shelf to discover what makes it unique to him. Updated 1/12/05 The Pipeline Podcast returns for a second week of looking at the week's anticipated new releases.

Issue #22

Joe & Matt put aside their normally scheduled snark and thinly veiled assaults on the bigmouthed and famous in the industry to honor the memory of one Mr. Will Eisner.

Chinese media mix-up, Dreamwave's letter to freelancers followed by the freelancers response, the trouble with Rob Liefeld and what he won't be working on, Ian Edginton and Steve Pugh give a look at their "Star Wars Tales" story and much more. Updated 6:00 PM PST

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