CBR Exclusives

Issue #48

Joe & Matt continue their conversation from last week, asking when retailers are essentially treated by publishers as fans, where does it leave the retailers? What's the long term outlook for their businesses? What can they do to grow and ensure longevity?

Pipeline, Issue #426

Augie went to Wizard World: Chicago last weekend and has lots to report back. Click here for a look at the planes, the bars, the hotel -- and even the comics.

Rich has all sorts of "Infinite" buzz for you, where you can find Mike Carey's next book, the amazing things one can find on the Internet (including some very interesting movie scripts), big sales to come for September and much, much more.

Issue #202

Steven returns to his Creating Comics Step By Step series with the basics of comcis art, the next part of "Talisman," a look at reader e-mail, great moments in politics and more.

Issue #18

The world of Original English Manga will never be the same as Felipe Smith's "MBQ" comes charging on the comics scene, bringing with it a cast of characters for the everyman, a comic artist on the edge and more urban drama and comedy than one volume should contain.

Pipeline, Issue #425

Superheroes turn to reality TV in "Wildguard: Casting Call." Romance and comedy await in "Stylish Vittles." And car troubles lead to a life-changing experience in "Last Exit Before Toll." Augie reviews them all.

Issue #47

Following up on their column about hype, Joe & Matt salute those retailers who have to sort through all that hype to place their orders. But how can publishers help retailers more in this information overload era where publishers hold back as much as they can?

What kind of announcements might you hear in Chicago later this week? Rich has something of a preview. Plus, how will "House of M" and "Infinite Crisis" ultimately affect the Marvel & DC Universe's respectively? Look inside for hints. Plus, how did the London bombings affect the comics retailers in the city?

Issue #46

Matt interviews Joe about his new Image book out this week called GØDLAND. What's it all about and what's Joe doing differently with this book that he hasn't done in ages? What's behind the making of this book? Joe shares all, plus new preview pages.

Issue #201

Steven takes a look at the "Internet Factor" and how much effect it has on comics sales, a handful of reviews including "Hero Squared," "G.I. Spy," "Elk's Run" and others, plus much, much more.

Pipeline, Issue #424

Augie takes one last look back at the sights of Comic-Con International in San Diego, presenting his own assortment of photos and stories from the convention last week.

Issue #64

Larry Young checks in with a story fans of the "Spider-Man" movies must read. At a most unexpected moment, genius strikes Larry and he may well have figured out what's going to take place in "Spider-Man 3."

Rich takes a look at next year's big Batman arc, what's coming from Wildstorm, Augustyn off "Beowulf," Transformers TPB confusion, comic creators compensated for "Batman Begins," new "G.I. Joe" series to come and much more. Updated

Issue #17

Fans of the genre know that the original "Vampire Hunder D" movie ushered in the anime wave of the early 1990s. Now, the original novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi is finally available with art by Yoshitaka Amano. Tony takes a look at the first book in the 13-part series.

Issue #200

On the occasion of his 200th column (four years of Permanent Damage) Steven spends some time discussing this past weekend's Comic-Con International in San Diego, he looks back on a project he tried to get off the ground in 1983 and much more.

Rich takes a look at DC's next weekly comic called "52," updates where "Sleeper" lays in the world of Hollywood, a "V for Vendetta" movie script review, pick yourself up a bit of Dreamwave, signs of a cow and much more.

Augie finishes up his daily con reports with a look at Sunday, including yet another delayed flight. Even on the fourth day of Comic-Con International , there's something new to be found.

SDCC - Day 3

Augie checks in with his Day 3 Comic-Con International Report which includes a look at four different panels, a report about what he saw on the convention floor and much more!

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