Catching Up with "Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer"

The hotly anticipated second issue of "Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer" ships to comic stores this week from Image Comics. "Death Dealer" #1 made headlines when it sold out in just six hours, and a second printing can be found this week as well. CBR News spoke with co-writer Joshua Ortega about the Death Dealer phenomenon last week, when he said:

This book has brought people out of the woodworks, some who possibly haven't bought a comic in years. Like the new 'Buffy' series, 'Death Dealer' is one of those books that not only appeals to hardcore comic fans, but also to mainstream readers as well, and that's largely due to Frazetta and the legendary painting.

That painting is of course the classic and ubiquitous portrait of the Death Dealer created by Frank Frazetta in 1973, which has gone on to inspire additional Frazetta works, statues, weapons, novels and comics.

It's an amazing, powerful, and resonant image, and definitely one of Frazetta's greatest paintings," said Ortega. "There's so much mood and atmosphere in the piece, it's no wonder that it's inspired so much interest. Mainstream media and culture is just now starting to fully recognize the power and influence of Frazetta's work, and once that recognition is fully realized, the 'Death Dealer' painting will stand as one of the 20th century's greatest works of painted art.

As a primer for fans who didn't get a chance to read the book in those first six hours, Image Comics has provided CBR News with additional preview material from "Death Dealer" #1, as well as new images from issue #2, both in stores this week.

And now, pages from issue #2.

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