Catch Up With CBR's Best 100 Comics of '09!

The modern world may be returning to its regular work week today, busily unwrapping brand new 2010 calendars while tossing aside the last of the holiday decorations, but the dawn of a new year doesn't necessarily mean we want to put the highlights of 2009 behind us just yet. For all of our readers who cozied up over the past few weeks and took an internet vacation, CBR re-presents our top 100 comics of 2009!

Compiled each year through the combined might of the entire CBR Staff, the Top 100 represents the aggregated results of each contributor's weighted top ten comics of the year. Living in an era that sees comic shops flooded with more diverse and accomplished sequential work than almost ever before, it is impossible to give every great comics its full due, but we are confident our list outlines the best and brightest the medium had to offer over the past year.

So click on to see our final rankings and reviews, and then jump over to the thread discussion behind each and every installment to critique, agree, call out your own favorites or just generally take part in the discussion!

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