Catch 'em all with Yummy Mart's 'Pokémon' lingerie collection

With Pokémon's 20th anniversary in full swing, Pikachu is popping up everywhere, even in lingerie sections.

Japanese underwear and lingerie label Yummy Mart has teamed with The Pokémon Company to launch its Pokémon Collection, which prominently features the iconic yellow pocket monster.

The line includes Pikachu underpants, sleep mask, panties and poncho, Poké Ball pajamas and a a Poké Ball toiletry bag. Alas, the imaginative Pikachu plush-covered bra-and-panty set isn't for sale. That's probably for the best, really.

The Pokémon Collection will be available beginning April 20 on the Yummy Mart website.

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(via Nintendo Insider)

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