Catch Dynamic Forces on HSN November 1st featuring a spectacular Spider-Man litho

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[Spider-Man Litho]October 17, 2002, Runnemede, NJ - Spider-Man, the summer blockbuster, comes to video and DVD November 1, 2002 - the same day webhead worshippers will be treated to a thrilling collection of Spider-Man goods on HSN - courtesy of Dynamic Forces!

The spectacular star of the show will be an amazing Spider-Man: Enter the Green Goblin lithograph - an awesome rendering of Spidey's introduction to his arch-nemesis - The Green Goblin! Featuring the Green Goblin, The Enforcers and the first time that Spidey battled The Incredible Hulk -- this is the classic first encounter and battle of Spider-Man against the Goblin! The litho is signed by Spider-Man artists Pat Olliffe, J.D. Smith, Ron Frenz and John Livesay AND is also Re-Marked by one of the artists with an amazing hand drawn Spider-Man sketch on each lithograph! And special guest artist John Livesay will be on the air to present this lithograph!

But that's only the beginning… Look for Spider-Man signed comic books, a Spidey litho signed and Re-Marked by the legendary - and definitive - Spider-Man artist - John Romita Sr. - with not only one, but TWO original hand drawn sketches - one featuring Spider-Man and the other featuring Uncle Ben - who taught Spider-Man that "With Great Power, comes Great Responsibility!" The unbelievable 13-inch Spider-Man life sized head bust is also scheduled to be presented on the shows! Watch for an EXTREMELY limited edition of Detective #627 (the 600th Anniversary issue) signed with a beautiful hand drawn Batman Sketch on each comic!

And if that isn't enough true believers! The show will feature the signatures of Stan "The Man" Lee, Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale, Joe Quesada, Alex Ross, Walter Simonson, Jae Lee, the Hildebrandt brothers, J. Scott Campbell, Dan Jurgens and so many more of the very best creators in the industry!

Plus, you'll be able to celebrate the Spider-Man DVD release with Dynamic Forces Spider-Man: The Movie lithographs! Featuring Spidey as he appeared in the film and the Green Goblin causing gobs of trouble, these are the types of "Spiders" you want crawling your walls!

Plus, look for the Transformers Preview Book, GI Joe #1, Thunder Cats #1 signed by Ford Lyttle Gilmore and so much more.

Tune into HSN all day long, Friday, November 1, 2002 for Dynamic Forces president, Nick Barrucci and a day of spectacular Spider-Man and cool comic book collectibles. Showtimes for the full hour of collectibles are at 1AM and 10 PM EST (that's 10PM on the west coast on October 31st for lots of treats and 7PM on the 1st)! "No-Prizes" to anyone that can count just how many Spider-Man products we have on the air! 'Nuff said!

For more information on Dynamic Forces specialty merchandise, product art, exclusive creator interviews and upcoming releases, please visit the Dynamic Forces website at www.dynamicforces.com.

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