Cat in a hot tiara

Rob Worley and Jason T. Kruse, the creators of the kid-friendly action comic Scratch9 have been inspired by recent doings in the superhero world to redesign their main character's costume.

That's right, they are putting pants on a cat:

Scratch's new costume is very versatile. He can open the jacket up for hijinks, or close it up to pass unnoticed as a cat in woman's clothing. The look incorporates the classic design -- he's still completely nude underneath – while adding a tough, elegant, street-fighter look.

"Nothing says street-fighter to me more than a cat wearing a tiara," exclaimed Kruse.

A naked bid for publicity? You bet! But why not? Scratch9 debuts next month, and the press release, a deadpan parody of solemn comics writing, is a good preview of the sort of goofy humor you can expect from Worley and Kruse. Scratch9 is the story of a runaway cat named Scratch whose earlier nine lives take on material form after an encounter with a mad scientist, Dr. Schrodinger. While it's a good kids' comic, in a Saturday morning cartoon kind of way, I found the first issue to be entertaining on a grownup level as well.

(Oh, and I'm pretty sure they're not really going to dress him up in leggings and a bodice. Cats don't take kindly to that sort of thing, as you can see after the jump ...)


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