Casualty of Civil War in "Moon Knight" #8

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The Civil War shows up at Moon Knight's door in Moon Knight #8, but just whose side is Marc Spector on?

Three months ago, Marc Spector found himself. He learned to cope with his pain and return as the vigilante Moon Knight. Now, he's back on the job and handing out beatings to anyone stupid enough to break the law.

Unfortunately for him, the times are changing. The Superhuman Registration Act means that now, there are rules to the game that Moon Knight plays - rules that he won't like. When a fugitive Captain America shows up, wanting a word, will Marc Spector forget the "fun stuff" and get involved in Civil War after all?

The second story arc of the best-selling title Moon Knight brings guest stars galore and ties into the Civil War causing havoc throughout the Marvel Universe. But the super hero Civil War isn't the only thing on Moon Knight's mind. Someone is leaving clues for him at old crime scenes and the clues are…bodies? And old face from Spector's past is about to return and they have a large axe to grind.

Join best-selling author Charlie Huston and superstar artist David Finch as they continue Moon Knight's return to prominence in Moon Knight #8.

MOON KNIGHT #8 (OCT062164)

Written by Charlie Huston

Pencils and Cover by DAVID FINCH

Parental Advisory …$2.99

FOC – 2/22, On-Sale – 3/14/2007

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