Castlevania Season 2 Trailer Hypes the Coming Battle with Dracula


with the first season of netflix's castlevania (based on castlevania iii: dracula's curse) being a massive success, fans were hungry for more after they were only given four episodes that hinted at darker things to come. now that the second season has been officially confirmed, we have been given a trailer that teases a bloody war.

dracula has decided that humanity isn't deserving of the earth, so he is waging war against people in an attempt to kill them all. it's up to trevor belmont, a member of the famous belmont family; sypha, a powerful mage; and alucard, the son of dracula, to stop the vampires from taking over. the trailer also features some new "generals" of dracula that will pose a serious threat to the three heroes. much like the first season, it provides plenty of gory and haunting imagery from what has been shown.

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following some complaints that the first season was great but much too short, castlevania's second season has been confirmed to have eight episodes this time around: twice the amount of its first. it is also slated for an october 26 release date, just in time to get some nightmarish visuals for halloween.

with an aim to create "the greatest video game adaptation of all time," the creators seem to be pulling out all the stops to ensure that anime fans as well as fans of the castlevania games have plenty to look forward to when the second season releases.

its first season already on netflix, castlevania season 2 will debut on october 26 and stars richard armitage as trevor belmont, alejandra reynoso as sypha belnades, james callis as alucard, and graham mctavish as dracula.

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