Netflix's Castlevania: The Most Gruesome Kills From Season 2

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Castlevania Season 2, streaming now on Netflix.

Netflix's Castlevania wowed critics and fans alike last year, thanks largely in part to its amazing storytelling and the universe building that Warren Ellis, Adi Shankar and Co. did to shape Wallachia, a land overrun by Dracula's hordes. However, it isn't just about the narrative, as the technical component, the visual aesthetic and such, all combine for a really solid piece of animation.

Another aspect of the show which continues to stand out is its fight sequences and action scenes. With the latest batch of episodes outdoing its debut season, we take a look at the most brutal kills in Castlevania's Season 2, counting down to the absolute best.

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6. The War Council's Killing Spree

Throughout the season, Dracula's patience is tested by his War Council, who constantly want to plunder villages and feed on innocents. This annoys the legendary vampire, as he believes such infantile behavior paints them as nothing more than primitive monsters. Nonetheless, his generals eventually break rank and go on a killing spree when they grow tired of their leader's attitude.

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We see the War Council on a rampage in one of the series' goriest sequences to date. They attack a snowy village in the dead of night, ripping out the torsos of men, slicing women in half, squashing tiny children, and impaling multiple victims. It sums up how vampires see humanity, as lambs to the slaughter, and that they, as the world's alphas, needed to remind humans of their place in the food chain.

5. Isaac's Religious Meltdown

Season 2 spends a lot of time building the friendship of Dracula and his Devil Forgemaster, Isaac (a necromancer). In Isaac's backstory, while it's understood he's a villain trying to help destroy humanity, it's hard not to empathize with him. He was enslaved by Christian missionaries and is beaten for secretly reading their books.

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However, Isaac snaps after his master indicates the only way to show him love is by whipping him and conditioning him into being a puppet for the church. He jumps onto the man and in a sequence similar to the Game of Thrones scene where the Mountain killed Oberyn Martell, Isaac digs his thumbs into the priest's eyes. He ends up crushing his owner's skull, developing an undying hate for his own species.

4. Dracula's Massacre of the Merchants

In Season 1, we really didn't see Dracula unhinged, but Season 2 shows his most primal form. As Alucard (Dracula's son), Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades plot against him, Dracula's own generals begin to wonder if he's lost his savage attitude. Dracula admits death no longer delights him, but as he regales Isaac about a past massacre, he reminds everyone just how gruesome he can be.

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The vampire king is seen attacking a merchant village years ago in Transylvania, with 40 men as his targets. Knowing the men would ignore his warnings and try to greedily escape with all their goods, he swarms as the sun sets, decapitating, slicing and ripping his victims to shreds. It's Dracula unleashed, devouring hearts and literally bathing in blood, before leaving carcasses and a burnt village behind as a message to the families of the dead.


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