Hulu’s Castle Rock is Officially Stephen King-Approved

The premiere of Hulu’s Castle Rock might be a little over two months away, but that’s not stopping the man who inspired the series, Stephen King, from declaring his approval for the show. King revealed as much to executive producer J.J. Abrams in an email.

King based his approval on the show’s pilot and contacted Abrams shortly after viewing the debut episode. Abrams shared the letter with the cast and crew of the upcoming series. King is an executive producer on the show, which was created by Sam Shaw.

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“It was a very, very cool moment, when J.J. forwarded us the email,” Shaw said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “You want to be sure that when Stephen King watches your Stephen King show, he’s happy.”

Castle Rock is a horror television series that takes place in the fictious Maine town of Castle Rock, a staple of the narrative universe designed by King over the last several decades. Several of King’s most defining works are set in Castle Rock, including The Dead Zone, Cujo, The Dark Half and Needful Things. The series will explore the personal stories and motivations of characters who live in the seemingly cursed town.

Castle Rock debuts on Hulu on July 25.

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