Cassidy's Black Canary, Atom & More Will Appear in "Vixen" Season 2

While her grandmother and former Vixen Amaya Jiwe joins up with The CW's "Legends of Tomorrow," Mari McCabe will return to her own animated CW Seed series "Vixen" for a second season -- and she won't be the only one. Speaking to TVGuide, executive producer Marc Guggenheim revealed that our contemporary Vixen will explore her larger world and meets a few other heroes along the way.

"[Mari will be] expanding her sense of obligation beyond the borders of Detroit," Guggenheim explained. "There's a much larger world out there that needs her protection."

On her journeys, she'll pay Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) and the Flash (Grant Gustin) a visit. She'll also encounter a few new friends, including the Atom (Brandon Routh), Firestorm (Franz Drameh) and Black Canary (Katie Cassidy). Though Laurel Lance, aka Black Canary, has died in "Arrow" continuity, "Vixen" Season 2 will take place before her death.

"In keeping with Mari's journey of acknowledging that there's a bigger world out there, we wanted to dramatize that by doubling down on the number of characters we reveal in animated form," Guggenheim added. "It's something that's really cool and it's not just a gimmick. It plays directly into Mari's character journey."

Starring Megalyn EK as the title character, "Vixen" will return to CW Seed for a second season.

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