Cassandra Cain's New 52 Origins Revealed in "Batman & Robin Eternal" #11

Following the character's stunning debut in "Batman & Robin Eternal" #1, Cassandra Cain's mysterious origins have finally come to light in the weekly series' 11th issue. Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Ed Brisson, Fernando Blanco and Christian Duce's "Batman & Robin Eternal" #11 finds Dick Grayson and Bluebird confronting one of Mother's Sculptors -- and this particular Sculptor has an ax to grind with her boss.

The Sculptor reveals Orphan's true identity as David Cain, Cassandra's father. There is no mention of her mother. The Sculptor goes on to explain how Orphan raised Cassandra in complete isolation, teaching her cruelty and how to fight. He theorized that -- if she never spoke -- she would develop such a keen sense of body language that she would be unbeatable.

If that sounds familiar, that's because it is. This very much mirrors her pre-New 52 origin, but it deviates when it comes to Mother.

Over the series so far, Mother's strategy has been revealed: she causes a trauma in a child's life and then uses that fear and anguish to mold them into whatever she wants them to be. The current arc explores how Mother uses Scarecrow's fear gas to do so, instead of an actual event. Orphan, Mother's "favorite son," disagreed with that method and so secretly raised Cassandra in the old ways. Feeling betrayed by this, Mother banished Cassandra from her sight and warned Orphan not to test her again.

At the conclusion, Dick discovers Batman's ties to the program -- and he makes a very dangerous move in order to learn more.

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