"Casino Royale" Adaptation Coming to Comics

Ahead of Dynamite Entertainment's appearance at San Diego's Comic-Con International next week, the publisher has announced an expansion to its James Bond line with a new "Casino Royale" adaptation that's set to remake Ian Fleming's original 007 novel in comics.

The new series, which is only the first in a line of Fleming adaptations, comes from writer Van Jensen ("The Flash") and artist Matthew Southworth ("Stumptown").

"When we first announced Warren Ellis' breakout original James Bond series, we teased that this would only be the beginning of our relationship with the character and the Fleming family, who have been very generous," Dynamite CEO and Publisher, Nick Barrucci, told The Hollywood Reporter. "To announce that we have been granted the rights to adapt the original presentation of 007? It's incredibly rewarding as it's the treasured story that any publisher would wish to add to their library. We have been very fortunate to be granted the rights to do so."

Dynamite's "Casino Royale" comic adaptation hasn't been given a release date.

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