Casey & Dragotta Debut New Hero In Image's "All-America Comix"

A new American hero will take to the streets soon, and her name is America Vasquez. Vasquez is the star of Image Comics' upcoming series "All-America Comix" by writer Joe Casey and artist Nick Dragotta. The series aims to bring new life to the American comic book hero archetype, according to a report from Hollywood Reporter. Vasquez represents a diverse America and fights for the oppressed.

Casey is well-known in comic book world, having worked on DC Comic's "Adventures of Superman" and Marvel's "Uncanny X-Men." Nick Dragotta is the artist and co-creator of "East of West," also from Image Comics. The two have worked together in the past on Marvel's "Vengeance" series.

The keen-eyed might note that Vasquez bears a resemblance to Miss America Chavez, a character created by Casey and Dragotta and debuted in the same 2011 "Vengeance" series. After her debut, writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie drafted the Latina hero into "Young Avengers," revamped the character and established her as a powerhouse and one of Marvel's LGBT superheroes. Now going by Ms. America, Chavez currently appears in the Marvel comic "Ultimates."

"All-America Comix's" America Vasquez is poised uncover the mysteries of the universe, but little else is known about Vasquez's powers or the series' plot. We'll just have to wait until the series' launch in 2017.

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