'Casanova' returns as online comic

Trying to legitimately blog on April 1 seems like a lost cause. Reading through my usual sites, Twitter feeds, etc. is like playing some sort of puzzle game, where you read closely to try and figure out what's real and what's not, as you certainly don't want to be duped.

Some are obvious. Despite their new masthead, I feel safe in saying that The Daily Cross Hatch hasn't really been bought by Wizard. And Even Bigger Numbers looks like a very timely prank, even before I made it all the way to the punchline at the end.

But then there are other posts you see out there, like the Planetary one I posted about earlier, where you kind of have to wonder. In that one, Ellis was pretty clear he wasn't joking, so I suspect we can safely "run around the floor in circles Homer Style" as one commenter suggested. Then there's this one by Fabio Moon, who announces that he and Matt Fraction are bringing Casanova back as a free online comic starting tomorrow:

New Casanova is coming. Starting tomorrow, out of the blue, we'll be starting the new story arc. IN COLOR. Yes, you read correctly. And it's going to be online, FOR FREE.


Here at the blog.

We wanted to do it over at Casanova.com, but that was taken. And, hey, it's the internet, so it's just a click away, no matter the url.

Matt is back, I'm back and, in time, Bá will be back too. It's going to be different and exciting. Where will you be tomorrow when it hits?

I have no reason to believe this is some sort of joke beyond the date it was posted, so I look forward to checking the comic out tomorrow. Of course it's true. Maybe. Unless I've been duped. Dammit!

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