Casanova #2 Review

I've written about this in the past, but one of the things I think is so cool about comic book readers is their ready acceptance of a book's style. Very quickly, the readers will glom on to things like "the book is told in flashbacks," and things like that. It is this open imagination that allows books to flourish without having to overexplain things. I think such acceptance really helps books like Casanova, which hit the ground running so that it really needs the reader's cooperation. In doing so, though, it also creates a sort of partnership - "You (the reader) 'get' Casanova, so you will be bonded with Casanova against those who don't 'get' Casanova." Clever.

In any event, Matt Fraction and Gabriel Bá combine for another enjoyable issue of Casanova, and I am grateful to be along for the ride.

This issue has Casanova sent to bring back a "good" agent who has gotten caught up in this sexbot business, and currently resides in a land where a free-flowing sexual energy (Orgone) flows throughout the land, causing it to be constantly orgy-time. Casanova gets this intel from the sexbot from the first issue, who has now been downloaded into a slightly...less appealing body (you'll have to see for yourself), although not less appealing for EVERYone...hehe.

However, Casanova gets contrary orders from the bad guys he is secretly working for, and this leads to complications.

The journey involves many clever quips and some asskicking with male full frontal.

It is all quite trippy, but never so much so that you can't follow the action (although reading the recap on the inside front cover couldn't hurt).

Meanwhile, at the end, Casanova decides to take advantage of the fact that he is not from this reality (as he has been brought to this reality to be the perfect double agent, as in this reality, instead of being a thief, he is super boy scout), and chooses to explore just how different this reality really is. It's a quite engaging cliffhanger.

I enjoyed Bá's artwork in this issue, and the story from Fraction was a lot of fun.

I would recommend this comic without reservation.

Zdarsky & Anka Team For Fantasy Miniseries at Image Comics

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