Cartoonists band together for health care art auction

Anders Nilsen (Big Questions, Dogs and Water) has organized an impressive array of big-name cartoonists to participate in an ongoing art auction and fundraiser designed to promote universal health care. Entitled the "46 Million Art Auction and Benefit," it features contributions from folks like Chris Ware, Ivan Brunetti, Dan Clowes, Kevin Huizenga, John Porcellino, Jeffrey Brown, Lynda Barry, Paul Hornschemeier and many, many more.

The auction runs until September 6th, in 10-minute increments. All proceeds will go to Democracy for America Now, a national advocacy group pushing for the Public Option in democratic swing districts and offering support to congressional members who take a stand for the policy. To see the art, go to ebay and do a search for "46 million."

For more details, check out Jeffrey Brown's blog, which has detailed info on the what, when and why, or go to Hornschemeier's blog.

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