15 Cartoon Voice Actors That Shockingly Look Like Their Characters

When we watch cartoons, we aren’t seeing the real voices behind the cartoons. But those are the people that are bringing these animated shows to life. Without a good voice actor, the characters of a cartoon are useless and not enjoyable to watch. Because you aren’t seeing their face, lots of voice actors have the opportunity of voicing many different characters in one show, like South Park or Futurama. It is a style of art in acting that many people cannot perfect. But those that do perfect it create amazing cartoon characters.

The glory about cartoons is that they can do anything without the limitations of the real world stopping them. Some cartoons go to space or fight robots while the people voicing them sit in a studio, probably in their pajamas. A lot of actors usually do not look like their characters they voice either because the characters are children, robots or talking animals. But when they do look similar, it creates an eerie, creepy twilight feeling. This is especially shocking if the character is not human, and they still look like the voice actor. Throughout all of the animated universe, here are 15 cartoon voice actors that shockingly look like their characters.


DC Superhero Girls is an online cartoon aimed toward the generation of fans that are still playing with dolls. They are short webisodes that are under five minutes. The show is about the female characters from the DC Universe as teenagers in a boarding school. The heroes and villains are even mixed together to create a little bit of drama. We all know the villains of DC can have dark sides, but the villians in this show are far from evil, just the bad kids in class, which creates the humor.

Grey DeLisle is the voice of Wonder Woman on DC Super Heroes Girls. Wonder Woman is, of course, one of the good kids in school. She tries her best in school while having the class clown, Harley Quinn as a roommate. With Grey’s long black hair and soft complexion, she looks very similar to the character she voices.


Rick and Morty is one of the most popular animated shows right now. There are only three seasons out, but they all have great reviews. The show is about grandpa Rick and his adventures with his grandson Morty. Oh, and Rick is a crazy scientist who can turn himself into a pickle to avoid therapy and travel through different dimensions. The show can be anywhere from hilarious, to dark and twisted, to a tear-jerker.

Summer is Morty’s sister and voiced by Spencer Grammer. In the first season, she just wanted to be a normal teenager and talk to boys, though recently, she has become more interested in Rick’s adventures and even wants to be a part of them. The graphics are very simple on the show, but if you squint your eyes at Spencer, you can see the resemblance in Summer.


Everyone watched Rugrats in the ‘90s, it was a right of passage growing up. A show about Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil as talking babies going on adventures became extremely popular. It even went on to have a squeal show, called All Grown Up!, and three films. Everyone’s favorite villian in Rugrats was Angelica. She was a little older than the main squad and took advantage of her age over them.

The person who brought Angelica to life was Cheryl Chase. She was the voice of everything Angelica, from the TV show to many of the video games and films for the sixteen years Rugrats was popular. Although she is much older than Angelica, we can still see the resemblance from the facial structure and hair.


Ashley Johnson voiced Terra from the Teen Titans that ran for five seasons and ended in 2006 on the Cartoon Network.  New Teen Titans comic book series is what the show is originally based off of. It follows the group of in-training superheroes Robin, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg and Starfire. In season two, Terra was introduced, who Ashley Johnson voiced. Terra has the power to move the earth around her and starts off sort of like the outcast of the group. She later becomes more comfortable with the group and develops a relationship with Beast Boy.

Ashley Johnson has a big involvement in the comic book world, and geek-related things. She has voiced characters in The Last of Us, Tales From the Borderlands, The Avengers and many more.


Young Justice is the slightly older squad of Teen Titans. The main premise of this show is that the Young Justice team are expected to act like adults from the Justice League, but are still treated like children under certain circumstances. So what do teenagers do when they are told no? They rebel. Roy Harper was the biggest rebel and goes off on his own most of the show, he is voiced by Crispin Freeman.

Roy Harper originally declines to join the team and becomes Red Arrow. Crispin does a great job voicing the defiant Roy, who later on gets a clone that's named Arsenal, which is a name the comic book version of the character takes on later. Some scenes have both Arsenal and Red Arrow where he has to put in double duty.


Kim Possible is an action-comedy-adventure cartoon. The show aired on Disney and was a fun cartoon based on the strong female lead, Kim Possible, plus there was a naked mole rat. Now, the theme song is what is best known from the show and featured Kim Possible, your basic average girl who is here to save the world. She is a cheerleader by day, and world-saver by night. Raven-Symoné voices one of her best friends in high school, Monique

Raven-Symoné voices Monique with a no-nonsense attitude and a passion in fashion (similar to her role in That’s So Raven). Monique knows about Kim Possible’s double life and is there as a friend to help her in anyway needed. Raven-Symoné has a similar sassy attitude like Monique that can be seen in her other shows as well.


Jake is a main character on the animated show, Adventure Time. The character is voiced by voice-acting legend, John DiMaggio. This is no insult to John, but even though Jake is a dog, there are similarities in their appearances. John’s beard style and color of hair create the resemblance to Jake the Dog. John DiMaggio has been voicing characters since 1997. He has done characters in Futurama, Justice League Unlimited and much more.

Adventure Time is the story about Finn the Human and his adoptive brother Jake. Jake can shape-shift, which comes in handy during a lot of their adventures. Jake is also a lot older than Finn and acts like a mentor and even has a five children with a character called Lady Rainicorn.


Kaldur'ahm, or Aqualad, is one of the members of the animated TV show Young Justice team. He joined the team as one of the original members and is a protege of Aquaman. His calm demeanor and ability to not succumb to teenage drama help him become a strong leader to the team. Throughout the season, Aqualad has a very important role that ultimately helps the team take down Black Manta and the Light.

Khary Payton is the voice actor for Aqualad. As of now, Khary is best known for his role as Ezekiel in The Walking Dead and the voice of Cyborg in Teen Titans Go! When he was younger, while voicing Aqualad, he does look eerily similar to the character. He has also done voicing for video games such as Mass Effect and Metal Gear Solid.


Futurama is an American animated show that started in 1999. Philip J. Fry is the main character and pizza delivery boy who accidentally got frozen for one thousand years and then thawed in a completely new era. Fry then meets Leela who becomes a series regular character. Katey Sagal voices Leela. Nicole Sullivan was originally cast to Leela, but we are glad they went with Katey instead.

Leela has one eye and purple hair. Katey does not have those features, but they still have a similar facial structure that makes Katey eerily look like her character Leela. Katey is the only actor that voices one character on Futurama, the other actors (Billy West, John DiMaggio, Tress MacNeille, etc.) voice a variety of different characters from the show.


The Wild Thornberrys is another popular ‘90s cartoon from Nickelodeon. The Wild Thornberrys is a family of nomadic documentary filmmakers. Well, the parents are, and their kids are stuck with them on their wildlife adventures. The family ends up adopting a feral boy that was raised by orangutans, named Donnie. Donnie is voiced by the bassist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Flea. In the show, Donnie loves to eat bugs, babble incoherent words and imitate animals sounds. Flea and Donnie share the same cheeky, all-teeth smile.

Mike B the Flea, real name Michael Balzary, has led an interesting life. Apart from being the feral boy Donnie, he is also in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame from his band, acted in films such as Baby Driver and Back to the Futures Part II and Part III and played with Jane’s Addiction.


Avengers Assemble airs on Disney XD and was created from the success of the blockbuster film The Avengers. The animated show goes into more detail of the main characters of the Marvel’s Avengers and their lifestyles. Laura Bailey voices Black Widow from the Avengers team. Black Widow, or Natasha Romanoff, is a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. She rejoined the Avengers team on the show by helping stop Red Skull.

Laura Bailey is another voice actor who has dipped her toes in a little bit of everything. She was Gwen Stacy on Spider-Man, Supergirl in Injustice 2, Serana in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and much more. If you want to see her in person, she also plays tabletop RPGs on the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel.


Pamela Adlon voices one of the toughest kids on the playground. Spinelli is one of the main ringleaders of the fifth grade group in the cartoon Recess. Her first name is Ashley but she goes by Spinelli so she won’t be known as one of the Ashleys. Recess ran on ABC and Toon Disney in the late ‘90s. It became popular with its group of outcast kids that form their own government during recess in school.

This is not the most flattering picture of Pamela Adlon, but shows how similar she is to the character she voices. Spinelli is a tough fifth grader that uses threats and violence to get her way. Pamela also voices Bobby Hill on King of the Hill and also stars, co-creates, writes and directs Better Things.


Tara Strong is the voice behind Kitten on the cartoon Teen Titans Go! She eerily looks similar to Kitten with her hair and bangs, and the resemblance is pretty uncanny. Kitten is a villain that shows up later in the first season and has smaller cameos throughout the show. Kitten is a bang-robbing spoiled brat on the popular cartoon show.

Teen Titans Go!  airs on Cartoon Network and is a sillier version of Teen Titans aimed at younger children. It has more mixed reviews than its sister shows and many fans have gone on record as not liking it. Tara Strong also voices Raven who is part of the Teen Titans team. She is the voice behind a lot more popular cartoons such as Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls and Dill Pickles in All Grown Up!


Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime that made its way to America and became wildly popular. Dragon Ball Z is a sequel to the manga series Dragon Ball. Sean Schemmel voices the main character of the now grown-up main character Goku. Goku is another world-saver. When there is a villain to threaten the Earth, Goku is there to power up and stop them.

There were two other voice actors for Goku before Sean, but he has been the most consistent since. He is still the main voice for Goku, even in the new Dragon Ball animations such as Dragon Ball Super. Sean Schemmel is a complete nerd like us. He voices a plethora of Japanese anime's dubbed versions. He has also won awards for his audiobook recordings.


The Legend of Korra is a American animated sequel to the popular show on Nickelodeon, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Although the show was not as popular as Avatar: The Last Airbender, it still had good reviews and a following. The story follows Korra and her hijinks and training of becoming the new avatar. Later on in Book 2, Korra meets Eska. Eska becomes an emotionally-abusive love interest to one of the main characters, Bolin.

Eska has a monotone and emotionless voice, and who better to play that than Aubrey Plaza. Aubrey as played many similar roles where the character speaks in a drone yet sarcastic voice, like her character Julie in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. If she set her face to a blank stare or glare and had ponytails, she would be a doppelganger to Eska.

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