10 Cartoon Voice Actors That Look Nothing Like Their Role (And 10 That Do)

Cartoons have become a popular form of television because of the vast imagination and creativity the creators are able to put into the show. Actors are able to change their voices to fit different roles. Some even with different genders and ages. So it doesn't matter what the voice behind the cartoon character looks like, as long as they are able to execute their voice accordingly. Many people don’t know who the voice actors are for many their favorite cartoons, because the actor is able to change their tone or style accordingly.

Sometimes voice actors end up looking like their cartoon characters and other times they look nothing like them. The more they do or do not look like their characters, the more eerie is becomes when you find out what they look like. Popular cartoons like The Rugrats had to have adults do the voices. When we watched the show as children, we didn’t think twice about the people behind the characters. But now as we get older, we realize there is a lot of people who make up cartoons and voice actors. So here are 10 voice actors who look like their characters and 10 who look nothing like their characters.

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Yasuyuki Kase has a vast amount of voice acting experience in animes, specially Walt Disney Japan and Toei Animation. But one of the characters he looks least like while voicing is Thor from Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers. Thor is the God of Thunder so his voice must be deep and stern to match his attributes. Yasuyuki does an excellent job as his voice actor from Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers.

The animated show in Japan, Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers ran from 2014 to 2015. The show was aimed at young boys and was created to help boost Avengers merchandise. The show is about five children who have Bio-Code inside them. This code can help release the heroes, but only for five minutes because of Loki’s doing.


You might hear Roger Craig Smith’s voice acting if you watch any of the Avengers or the Batman animated films. The role he looks the most similar to is the character Captain America, or Steve Rogers on Avengers Assemble. The cartoon Avengers Assemble is based on the live action 2012 film The Avengers. Marvel created their own cartoon universe and the show ran alongside The Ultimate Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Like many actors or voice actors, Roger Craig Smith started out his career as a stand-up comedian. He did that while he was in film school in the ‘90s and then later on went to into voice acting. He has worked for networks such as Disney, Microsoft Game Studios, Sony, Wal-Mart and Cartoon Network.


If you have watched any of the animated Spider-Man TV shows, films or even video games, you have heard Christopher Daniel Barnes voice. The first Spider-Man cartoon he voiced Spider-Man as was Spider-Man that ran from 1994-1998. And later on the Ultimate Spider-Man game out in the '00s but Christopher Daniel Barnes voiced alternate Spider-Men in the Spider-Verse such as Spyder-Knight, Max Dillon and Electro.

Other than Spider-Man, Christopher Daniel Barnes also plays Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid and acted in The Brady Bunch Movie as Greg Brady. He has a good mix of voice acting and live action roles. Although in live action acting, you have to look a certain way, in voice acting, you only have to sound a specific way. Which works for his role as Spider-Man because he looks nothing like Peter Parker.


Adrian is the voice actor of Tony Stark in the cartoon Avengers Assemble. We could seem him playing a live action Tony Stark if Robert Downey Jr. didn’t completely take over the role of the character. Adrian Pasdar’s first role as an actor was in the film Top Gun and his first role in TV was in the show Profit and then Touched by an Angel. In other Avengers shows, he has voiced Hawkeye and Captain America.

Avengers Assemble is a cartoon based on the Avengers that ran for four seasons. The main character is Falcon and he is new to the Avengers. The other Avengers are Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, who he teams up with to save the world.


Mark Hamill is a voice actor for several DC animated characters including the Joker. The Joker is a very well-known character and fans have a lot of opinions on him. Although many believe Mark Hamill does an excellent job as the Joker, he looks nothing like him. The Joker has a sort of raspy voice and he always sounds like he's on the edge of insanity, and Mark Hamill is able to successfully execute that.

Mark Hamill is adored by fans because he is a nerd just like us. He grew up reading comics and was a big fan and now gets to be a part of its history. He started his voice acting as the Joker after acting in the Star Wars franchise. His success at executing the perfect voice led him to other voice acting gigs such as The Hobgoblin and the Trickster.


Maggie Q is well-known in the nerd community. She has been to comic cons and starred in numerous action films. She has done more live action acting than voice acting. One of her most popular cartoons she did voice acting for was Young Justice. She voiced the character of Wonder Woman. There have been many voice actors that don’t look like their character, but she has similar qualities to Wonder Woman.

Young Justice has grown to a show with quite a large cult following. There are only two seasons and fans have been demanding more ever since it was cancelled and they'll get their wish when the third season debuts. The show is about the younger members of the Justice League such as Martian Girl, Beast Boy, Robin and Aqualad. The young members go on their own adventures and fight smaller versions of evil.


Harley Quinn’s character first appeared in the Batman: The Animated Series. She was a young, bubbly blonde with a high-pitch and raspy voice. Arleen was the first ever voice actor for Harley Quinn. Harley Quinn was the antagonist in the show and usually The Joker’s accomplish. She almost always wore her red and black jumpsuit with joker hat.

Arleen Sorkin is not only a voice actor. She is also an actress, screenwriter and comedian. Arleen started out acting in films and many TV shows such as Days of Our Lives and even appeared in an episode of Family Feud. She acted in Days of Our Lives for over six years as Calliope Jones, which is a completely different role than the crazy Harley Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series.


Melissa Gilbert started as a child actor and was in shows such as Little House on the Prairie and The Diary of Anne Frank. But one of the voice acting roles she might look like the most is Barbara Gordon from Batman: The Animated Series. She held her role recurrently and lasted for six episodes.

In Batman: The Animated Series, Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl for the first time after her father gets arrested in the episode “Shadow of the Bat.” They keep the same concept with her costume from the Bronze Age comics. She becomes a fan favorite and reappears in later episodes as well. She even attends the same school as Dick Grayson in the show and works with Catwoman to solve a missing valuable case.


Mike Judge has dipped his feet in everything TV. He has been a director, producer, animator, musician and voice actor. One of his roles he might be most well known for is his voice acting role as both Beavis and Butthead. He is also the creator of the show as well. Mike Judge created the pilot of Beavis and Butthead and it was soon signed by MTV. After the show, Mike went on to co-create King of the Hill, Office Space and Idiocracy.

Beavis and Butthead is about two pretty ugly teenagers that do nothing but slack off. The teenagers have nasally voices and weird laughs that Mike does a great job on making iconic. They love metal and rocking out to it and they enjoy watching music videos on MTV.


Spider-Man: The Animated Series had a detective character named Terri Lee. Terri was in many episodes trying to find out the truth behind the crimes going on in the city. Her character was created specifically for the animated series. Terri Lee is voiced by Dawnn Lewis. Terri became well liked and was soon adopted into the comics as well.

Dawnn Lewis did an excellent job voicing Terri Lee in the show. Dawnn is well respected in the acting community. She is not only a voice actress but also a singer and songwriter. She is best known for acting in the sitcom A Different World. Dawnn is still acting now and has various roles in TV show such as Major Crimes and singing for Disney.


The Powerpuff Girls was a popular cartoon in the ‘90s. It was about three girls that were created in Professor Utonium's laboratory with sugar, spice and everything nice. The voice actor of Professor Utonium is Tom Kane, who looks very different than his character. Tom Kane is a well-known voice actor who has been in other popular ‘90s cartoons such as The Wild Thornberrys, Kim Possible, The Angry Beavers and also Star Wars: The Clone Wars and some Marvel animation.

According to the opening scene of every episode, Professor Utonium wanted to create the perfect little girl. But instead, he got three girls with powers such as the ability to fly. The professor has a deep yet fatherly voice that Tom Kane is able to easily pull off.


Phineas and Ferb is a cartoon on Disney Channel about two brothers who create projects that usually annoy their sister Candace. Their sister Candace is voiced by Ashley Tisdale. She looks very similar to her character but in the cartoon style of the show. Candace plays a teenage girl. Like most teenage girls in cartoons, they want to be cool and talk on the phone and hate their siblings.

Ashley Tisdale got her start on the Disney Channel as an actor and branched off into other shows in the channel as well. Her first acting role on the Disney Channel was in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and would later go on to star in High School Musical. She even tried out for a Disney singing career as well.


When a younger character in a cartoon such as a child or baby, she voice actor is usually a woman, as a woman's voice can have a higher pitch. The Rugrats is a cartoon all about babies, so it is only fitting that Elizabeth Daily voices the independent and ring-leader Tommy Pickles in the show.

Elizabeth Daily does in fact not look like her popular ‘90s cartoon character Tommy Pickles that she voices. She also voiced Tommy in the All Grown Up! version as well. You can also hear Elizabeth in The Powerpuff Girls as Buttercup and Rudy Tabootie in ChalkZone. Among voice acting, Elizabeth is had a career as a singer. She had a single hit the charts called “Say It, Say It” in 1986.


All rich superheros have butlers and Batman’s butler is Alfred Pennywise. He’s a loyal friend and assistant that has been with him since a child. In Batman: The Animated Series, Alfred is Batman’s right-hand man when fighting crime. The voice actor of Alfred is Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

Alfred had a calm and older voice in the cartoon the Efreem was able to pull off and give life to Alfred. Efrem is more well-known for his acting career. He played in The F.B.I in the '60s as well as a vast amount of other roles in shows and film. He stayed the voice for Alfred in the Batman: The Animated Series throughout the whole season and even in other animated DC TV shows like Superman: The Animated Show.


Family Guy is an animated sitcom about the Griffin family. The Griffin family consists of Peter and Lois, the mother and father and their children Meg and Chris. Chris is not very smart or likeable. He is annoying and a spitting image of his father. He is voiced by Seth Green who doesn’t resemble Chris Green at all, luckily for him.

Seth Green is a well-known actor who has a lot of voice acting roles on the side. Seth, like Arleen Sorkin is also a jack of all trades. He is a writer, comedian, actor, producer and director. He started acting as a young boy in films. Some of the popular TV shows he has acted in are That ‘70s Show, Will and Grace and the X-Files.


Dora the Explorer became a popular show on Nickelodeon about teaching children spanish and exploring their independence. Dora was a fun and friendly young girl who went on adventures with her monkey friend Boots and sometimes met villains such as Swiper. There were also playful songs and educational lessons. The original voice of Dora was played by Kathleen Herles. She looks true to her character off and on-screen.

Kathleen Herles is best known for her voice acting of Dora. She also voiced Dora on Dora the Explorer’s sister TV show Go! Diego, Go! and she was nominated and won several awards such as the WIN awards and NAACP Image Award for her voice acting. So far, she has done no other work in TV or films besides her Dora roles.


The Fairly OddParents is a popular cartoon on Nickelodeon that aired for 10 seasons and even has a film. The show is about 10-year old Timmy Turner and his two fairy godparents that can grant his every wish. Timmy has a high pitch, young voice since he is 12. So like The Rugrats, they had a woman voice the character as well.

Tara Strong does a great job as Timmy Turner for every episode of 10 seasons of The Fairly OddParents. She has done a lot of lots of translations from Japanese animes such as Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. She has also done lots of voice acting in video games such as Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy X and X-2 and Kingdom Hearts and also Harley Quinn in Batman: Arkham City.


Felicia Hardy, also known as Black Cat was a criminal and love interest for Peter Parker in Spider-Man: The Animated Series. She started out shy and petite but had traumatic events change her life and her personality. She fell for Peter Parker without knowing his identity but hated Spider-Man at the same time. The voice actress behind Felicia Hardy was Jennifer Hale.

Jennifer Hale does a great job voicing the vigilante Black Cat. She has a long career of voice acting. She started in 1988 and is still in acting now. You can hear her in most of the ‘90s cartoons such as The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo and Dexter’s Laboratory. She has a long list of roles voiced in video games and even live action acting in TV shows such as Shameless.


The Rugrats is a ‘90s cartoon about talking babies, Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil. Chuckie is a small red-head, freackly baby. His character is voiced by the older and female Christine Cavanaugh. Chuckie is known as the less-adventurous of the babies. He is a scaredy cat and usually gets picked on by the older children. This requires Christine to have a shaky and high-pitched voice, and being a woman makes it easier to voice Chuckie.

Christine Cavanaugh is known for her distinctive voice and the characters she has voiced. Her career shot off in the ‘90s while on shows such as Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, The Powerpuff Girls and The Wild Thornberrys. She continued to voice cartoons characters and even did live action roles until 2003 when she retired from the biz.


The animated Marvel Universe features heroes and villains from your favorite movies and comics. One of the characters that crosses over between shows is Hawkeye. He has been in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. and Avengers Assemble. The man behind Hawkeye is Troy Baker and he tops the list of voice actors that look the most like their cartoon character.

Troy Baker has a vast resume of voice acting as well. Aside from Hawkeye, he also has voiced Loki, Red Guardian and Joker in Batman Unlimited. What he is even more extensive in is video game voice acting. He has won six awards for his voice acting including his work in the video game Shadow of Mordor, and is still in the business today.

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