Cartoon Network's Regular Show To End After Season 8

The Cartoon Network original series "Regular Show" is set to end after its eighth season, the cable network has announced.

Debuting in September 2010, "Regular Show" quickly became a fan-favorite staple of CN's block of original programming, thanks to its ability to blend reality warping hijinks with the awkwardness ever present in most twenty-something's day-to-day life. "Regular Show" managed to stay fresh after more than 250 episodes airing, thanks in large part to its amiable and evolving cast of characters who ran the gamut from being hysterically bizarre to uncomfortably relatable.

The anthropomorphic blue jay and series protagonist Mordecai, voiced by series creator J.G. Quintel, certainly fits into the latter category. This can be attributed to Quintel modeling the character on himself during his college years. In addition to receiving four Primetime Emmy awards, two Annie awards for outstanding animation and a dedicated fanbase, the series spawned an ongoing comic series  and a feature length film. Given the show's excellent track record, it's probably safe to assume Moredcai, Rigby and the rest of the cast will send the series off with a bang.

“From JG’s original pitch on post-it notes, through eight successful seasons and more than 250 episodes produced, Regular Show has been one of the most original animated series of this generation creating indelible characters and signature comedy mayhem laced with heart,” Cartoon Network chief content officer Rob Sorcher said in a statement. “Our sincere thanks to this talented crew and cast for their incredible dedication, and I’m proud that they all agreed to go up in space together for one hilarious final journey.”

“Making Regular Show has been so much fun," Quintel said. "We got to tell all of the stories we wanted to tell, and making the choice to go out exactly how we want to go out. We’re so proud and excited for people to see how we’re wrapping things up in a big, big way. We're bringing everything full circle.”

Season eight of "Regular Show" is set to premiere September 26 on Cartoon Network.

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