Cartoon Books solicitations for product shipping November, December 2001

Shipping in December 2001 from Cartoon Books

Phoney's Big Bone Hunt PVC Assortment

Series I

$125 - case (contains 50 pieces, 2 counter displays containing 25 pieces each)

At last! Lucius! Stickeater! The Bone Boys! The Stupid, Stupid Rat Creatures!

The Ultimate BONE PVC figure collection - - there's just one catch: you have to hunt for them! It's the newest craze! Cartoon Books brings you BONE collectible PVC's in a hot new countertop display.

Six brand new sculpts are hidden in Phoney's treasure chest in identical boxes. Some figures are rarer than others! Each case contains 50 figures - 2 counter displays containing 25 hidden figures each - - and at least TWO of the super rare Stickeaters! At $2.50 a pop, you will have have fun hunting for Lucius (our most requested new figure), Fone Bone, Phoney, and his pals, and the hard to find Stickeater!

Shipping in November 2001

[Rose #3]Rose #3

Part three in a three part sequel

$5.95 - 48 pages, full color interior, deluxe edition

Story Jeff Smith. Painted by Charles Vess

AT LAST! From the Creators of BONE and STARDUST comes the long awaited conclusion of ROSE (for Parts 1 & 2, Charles Vess was nominated for best painter at the 2001 Eisner Awards!)

A terrifying dragon lays siege to the small towns of the Northern Valley. Unknown to Princess Rose, who must defeat the gigantic beast, the dragon is actually the Ancient Lord of the Locusts. Unable to defeat the monster, Rose seeks the advice of her advisor, who tells the princess how to destroy the dragon- - - but at a terrible costŠ Now, at last we learn the surprising conclusion!

With Rose, Jeff Smith takes readers into the early years of one of the most popular characters in the world of BONE, the formidable Gran'ma Ben. Long before she became the crazy old cow woman, Gran'ma Ben was young princess Rose, and this extraordinary mini-series continues the glimpse into her world that we experienced in the Trilogy II Tour Book. Each 48-page full-color issue is painstakingly painted by artist Charles Vess.

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