Cartoon Art Museum is moving, destination unknown

When it was founded in 1984, San Francisco's Cartoon Art Museum was a "museum without walls," with no permanent exhibit space. It moved to several locations before settling into its current space on Mission Street in 2001. And now it will move again, but no one is sure where.

The museum revealed Thursday that it has received a notice to vacate, and it will leave the premises by the end of June. The announcement hinted that San Francisco's notoriously high rents are to blame.

“This is just another challenge in the life of the Cartoon Art Museum,” Executive Director Summerlea Kashar said in the statement. “ And given San Francisco’s current commercial real estate market, it’s not very surprising.”

The museum's board of directors saw this coming, and has been searching for both a temporary space and a new permanent home.

The museum will stay open in its current space through June 28 and, as previously planned, will host both theinaugural San Francisco Comics Fest and the second annual Queer Comics Expo during that time, as well as the Comics 4 Comix comedy night.

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