Cartoon Art Museum Adult Class Schedule Announced

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Register for The Cartoon Art Museum's Adult Classes - Summer 2009

Classes will focus on cartooning, character design, and comics.

Each 2-day session is a new course, so you may register for all three sessions. Classes are designed as 2-day workshops but you may also attend single days as well.

Classes are Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 4 pm.

June 13 and 14

July 11 and 12

August 8 and 9

$100 per 2-day session or $50 for a single day ($90/$40 for members) To register call 415-227-8666 x303 or email: education@cartoonart.org

Defining the Project

Instructor: Brian Kolm

Level: Beginning/Intermediate - Adult

Days: June 13-14, 2009

Are you thinking about working on a personal comic or cartoon project? Do you need some motivation to get the ball rolling? Come to this hands-on workshop where like-minded creators can work on their projects together. We will go through exercises that will help you explore ideas for stories, settings, and characters for your projects. We will then learn how to take our projects to the next level. We will learn how to outline our stories, as well as design the characters and settings that will help bring the story and character ideas to life.

Characters, Storyboards, and Layout

Instructor: Daniel Salcido

Level: Beginning/Intermediate °© Adult

Days: July 11-12, 2009

Do you have a great idea for a comic strip, comic book, web-comic or cartoon? In this class we will go over the basic breakdown of the human form as well as basic design methods and a "things to consider" check list for designing characters. Once we have our characters, we will go over the basics of story boarding, and creating thumbnails and page layouts, which are a crucial part of story development and pre-production. By the end of this class, not only will you have a character for your concept, but you will also be well on your way to starting final production on it.

From Comic Strips to Animation

Instructor: James Hummel

Level: Beginning/Intermediate °© Adult

Days: August 8-9, 2009

This class will talk about the transition from comic strips to the animated cartoon. We will discuss how the animation industry began and how it grew to where it is today. Then we will go through some of the basic principles of animation and talk about how animated movies, television shows and commercials are produced. Exercises will include creating flipbooks to illustrate storyboarding, key poses and in-betweening. We will also do exercises in gesture and proportion and incorporate our character(s) into a scene.

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