John Carpenter Blames California Earthquake on MAD's Cancellation

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In the wake of DC and Warner Brothers' announcement of MAD Magazine's cancellation, many have taken to social media to mourn the venerable humor institution. Founded by Harvey Kurtzman in 1952, the magazine has been a voice for satire and parody of American culture for 67 years. Some tributes to the magazine have praised its influence, with "Weird" Al Yankovic calling it "one of the all-time greatest American institutions." And while Al is only one of the public figures to have spoken about the cancellation, filmmaker John Carpenter suggests that one very public figure is unhappy with the news.

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Taking to Twitter on America's Independence Day, Carpenter drew links between the cancellation and a 6.4 magnitude earthquake that shook Southern California on Thursday. According to BBC reports, the quake is the strongest to have hit the region in 20 years. Carpenter's conclusion, accompanied by a spinning picture of MAD mascot Alfred E. Neuman, reads "6.4 earthquake hits Southern California. God punishes us for the cancellation of Mad magazine."

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Carpenter is well-known as an outspoken atheist, a fact that lends his comment the kind of humor that is appropriate in a post commemorating MAD, but it is obvious with the outpouring of saddened responses that the cancellation of the magazine has hit home for a lot of people. Reports suggest that the magazine will finish out its subscription responsibilities with reprinted material and then will cease producing original content, with the possible exception of end-of-year specials.

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Carpenter has been active in the film industry since the late 1960s. His most recent film was 2010's The Ward, though he served as executive producer on the 2018 Halloween film.

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