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Carol Danvers & [SPOILER] Make Amends In Mighty Captain Marvel #0

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Carol Danvers & [SPOILER] Make Amends In Mighty Captain Marvel #0

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains spoilers for “Mighty Captain Marvel” #0 and “Civil War II” #7, both on sale now.

“Civil War II” took a toll on the Marvel Universe, with the deaths of James Rhodes, Bruce Banner and possibly Tony Stark as well. But that’s not the only way that the massive event has impacted the lives of Marvel’s heroes; the event also tore apart friendships, potentially altering the way the surviving heroes interact forever.

This was definitely true for the friendship of Captain Marvel and Spider-Woman. The pair have a lengthy history together both in the Marvel universe and outside. On a meta level, these two characters were the iconic solo female heroes of Marvel’s ’70s era; Carol Danvers became a hero in 1977’s “Ms. Marvel” #1 and Jessica Drew went solo starting in 1978’s “Spider-Woman” #1. At the turn of the century, writer Brian Michael Bendis put both characters front-and-center again in his “Avengers” run, increasing their prominence. Then, as part of Carol Danvers’ big promotion to the star of “Captain Marvel,” writer Kelly Sue DeConnick, firmly cemented the Carol/Jess friendship as one of Marvel’s great pairings. The pair teamed-up in a number of issues by DeConnick in the “Captain Marvel” and “Avengers Assemble” series.

But “Civil War II” changed their relationship, as seen in the pages of Dennis Hopeless’ “Spider-Woman” series. Because of the Inhuman Ulysses’ gift to see a likely version of the future, the Avengers rushed to prevent Bruce Banner from hulking out — and that altercation ended with Clint Barton (Spider-Woman’s ex) putting an arrow through Banner’s head. “Spider-Woman” #11 saw Jess declare the end of their friendship following Carol’s support of predictive justice.

Spider-Woman #11

“Spider-Woman” #11 interior art by Veronica Fish and Rachelle Rosenberg

The pair remained at odds as the rest of “Civil War II” played out. “Mighty Captain Marvel” #0, from writer Margaret Stohl and artists Emilio Laiso and Ramon Rosanas, picks up in the immediate aftermath of “Civil War II,” with Carol Danvers back on the Alpha Flight Space Station serving once again as Earth’s first line of defense against extraterrestrial threats. The issue kicks off with a surprise game night splash page…

Mighty Captain Marvel 0

“Mighty Captain Marvel” #0 interior art by Emilio Laiso and Rachelle Rosenberg

…which is totally a dream. That’s why Black Widow’s wearing a tutu, obviously. It also explains why Carol is in the same room as Spider-Woman again, not to mention Ms. Marvel (another friendship broken by “Civil War II”). The dream is interrupted by Dream Iron Man, who punches through the door and engages Carol in battle.

At that moment, Carol jolts awake and we learn that she’s in the middle of a therapy session.

Mighty Captain Marvel 0

“Mighty Captain Marvel” #0 interior art by Emilio Laiso and Rachelle Rosenberg

It’s been weeks since the end of “Civil War II” and Carol can’t sleep. Every time she does, she ends up being startled awake by the same dream of he fighting Iron Man. Carol’s therapist says this is an anxiety induced dream and wonders if Carol’s done anything to mend her relationship with Jess. “I’m busy. She’s busy,” says Carol. “She just had a freakin’ baby.” Carol then refuses to talk about her feelings; she just wants to fast forward to the part where the doctor tells her why she can’t sleep.

While Carol was hesitant to talk about her feelings, two events quickly unfolded that made her reconsider her cold war with Jess. First, she got a box of her childhood belongings from her old home in Boston, which kicked up old memories of her father — a father she also became estranged from. Second, a ship of Majesdanian refugees arrived on the Alpha Flight station — and seeing a Majesdanian child reminded her of the child Jess just had.

Carol sucks it up and calls Jess. After a period of not speaking, one of Marvel’s strongest friendships gets a new chance at life.

Mighty Captain Marvel 0

“Mighty Captain Marvel” #0 interior art by Emilio Laiso and Rachelle Rosenberg

Carol offers an explanation in — as she puts it — the tone of an apology, and Jess understands and accepts. With peace made between the two of them, Carol’s able to finally sleep again. She still has the Iron Man dream, though, except that this time instead of waking up, she continues to duke it out with the armored Avenger — only to discover that in her dream, she’s really fighting herself as Iron Man. Looks like Carol has something big to bring up in her next therapy session.

“Mighty Captain Marvel” #1 will land in stores on January 18.

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