"Carnivale" Creator Daniel Knauf to Write "Iron Man"

A press release posted at Marvel.com notes that "Carnivale" creator Daniel Knauf will pen six issues of "Iron Man." While no artist was mentioned, Knauf's storyline is set to begin next spring, presumably following the end of Warren Ellis and Adi Granov's current run on the title. A posting on the HBO Forums notes that Kanuf will be writing the series with his son Charlie, although there is no mention of him in the Marvel release.

"Carnivale" ran for two season in the United States on pay channel HBO. The often times bizarre series about a traveling carnival during the depression era United States featured a good-versus-evil storyline with biblical references strewn throughout. The series garnered five Emmy Awards before being cancelled by HBO earlier this year, citing sliding ratings and rising production costs of the rather lavishly produced program.

Knauf's addition to the Marvel line-up of writer's see him as another in a long line of television writer's who've made their way to comics in recent years. Among them are "Lost" co-creator Damon Lindelof, who was recently announced as the writer of the upcoming "Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine" for Marvel, and "Oz" creator Tom Fontana, who'll write the original graphic novel "Batman: Hopelessness & Faith" for DC Comics next year.

The full text of Marvel's press release follows.

Official Press Release


NEW YORK – Daniel Knauf, creator and executive producer of HBO's Emmy-award winning dramatic series Carnivale, is slated to take the reigns of Marvel's epic Iron Man series for a spectacular six issue story arc. The first highly anticipated issue is schedule to debut Spring, 2006.

While Daniel Knauf – whose impressive credits also include the films Blind Justice and Dark Descent as well as the CBS series Wolf Lake – is no stranger to creative writing, this series will mark his first comic book effort. Knauf will bring his innovative storytelling magic to Marvel's Iron Man, the crusading Super Hero who was first introduced by Marvel in the 1960's.

"What I love about Iron Man is that he's the one super hero who doesn't eclipse his alter-ego," says Knauf. "Tony Stark is a very complex, messed-up dude. This is a guy who desperately wants to help the human race, but his creative energy is almost exclusively dedicated to weapons design. What's wrong with that picture?"

Emanating from his explosive imagination, Knauf will pen six issues of the monthly Iron Man title. The exhilarating storyline will feature a string of high-visibility assassinations, prompting an intense investigation by Tony Stark (Iron Man's alter ego), as the killer appears to be employing the armor and weapons of Iron Man. Stark is shocked and horrified by the truth he uncovers, as a far deeper game of death and deceit is being played – with Stark himself as one of the pawns!

"Daniel Knauf is one of the most creative storytellers of our time. I'm a huge fan of his work, especially his focus on dark themes and emphasis on good vs. evil," said Joe Quesada, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics. "Iron Man is a much-beloved Super Hero in the Marvel Universe, and I know that Knauf's new exploration of this character will certainly not disappoint."

"This arc will put Iron Man through the wringer," says Knauf. "I really want to dial in with big, monumental fights and action sequences, while taking Tony to some very dark places, forcing himself to face some hard truths as to what it really means to be a hero and that, sometimes, 'meaning well' is simply not enough.

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