"Carnival Of Souls #3" Covers

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Written by up and coming rock music sensation, Jazan Wild and comic book veteran, Stefan (X-Files) Petrucha with art from Kevin Conrad (Image's Kiss: Psycho Circus and Spawn), comes the second installment of Carnival Of Souls which ships with two covers.

Wild, who recently released his first studio album of the same name, has been working on the project for over two years, piecing together an intricate story about a ghostly carnival and its inhabitants. The series is slated to run for thirteen issues.

Best described as surrealistic trip through elements of Lost, Twin Peaks & Stephen King's IT, the second issue concentrates on the rise of the Carnival's clown and delves deep into his mysterious past.

Issue #3 will also be shipping with three alternate covers from Clayton Crain, Rich Bonk and Nat Jones and can be ordered separately from the current Previews catalog. Fans who experience problems with obtaining these alternate covers from their local retailer will be pleased to know that they can purchase copies direct from Markosia's website.


Harry Markos, Markosia's MD and publisher comments on the success and rise of Wild's creation. "We're extremely proud of what has been achieved in such a short period of time with Carnival of Souls and working along side Jazan [Wild] has proven that the project has massive potential. We can only thank Jazan for all of his hard work and forward thinking".

"We are receiving fantastic feedback every day about the series and already had several retailers saying that they sold out of the first two issues on the same day of release - this only bodes well for the future of the project".

"We have heavily over printed the first two issues and if retailers have problems with re-ordering the first two issues we can supply them direct…we want to build our relationship with retailers and consumers and offering a direct service is a step in the right direction. We want to make sure they have that book whenever they need it!!!".

Make sure to visit the Markosia Booth at the New York Comic-Con in February!


CARNIVAL OF SOULS #3 36 PP $3.50 March 2006

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