Carnahan Confirmed As "Nemesis" Director

In a report on his recent trip to Los Angeles on the Millarworld Forums, Mark Millar gave a much-desired update on the status of the "Nemesis" film adaptation. The writer confirmed Joe Carnahan is attached to direct "Nemesis" based on a script by the director and his brother Matthew.

"Fox wanted us to get in the same room for the first time and really hash this out, which was exciting," said Millar. "Joe has a really brilliant take on this and Matt and he are going to take things from here so I'm really happy. Absolutely no casting has been done formally although you can google the MTV interview from last January where he and Sir Liam Neeson are chatting about it."

Although Carnahan was rumored to be attached to "Nemesis," this is the first official confirmation. Most movie fans will recognize Carnahan as the writer/director of "The Grey" and "Smokin' Aces." Beyond "Nemesis," Carnahan has had a busy month in the comics film sphere. Following the news that "Daredevil" rights could be reclaimed by Marvel as soon as mid-October and Carnahan's vision of the character might never see the light of day, the director released a sizzle reel for his take on the franchise based on Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's acclaimed "Born Again" storyline. The sizzle reel combined footage from 2003's "Daredevil," still images from "Born Again" and many other 1970s films, including "Serpico" and "The Warriors."

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