Carlos D'anda Joins Geoff Johns for "Justice League" #8

In what has turned out to be a huge week for DC Comics announcements with a "Second Wave" of the New 52 on the way and the cancellation of six of the initial launch and today's earlier revelation of Rob Liefeld joining three New 52 books, the hits keep on coming. Via its blog, The Source, the publisher revealed fan-favorite artist Carlos D'anda will team up with Geoff Johns as a special "Justice League" guest artist for Issue #8, providing interior images while regular artist Jim Lee draws the cover.

D'anda's work has been seen in Wildstorm's "Deathblow" and DC Comics' "Outsiders," but he may be best known for his concept art for the "Batman: Arkham Asylum" and "Batman: Arkham City" video games written by Paul Dini. D'Anda also provided interior art for Dini's "Batman: Arkham City" miniseries, which bridged the gap between the two games. According to The Source, "Justice League" #8 is set in the present and focuses on Green Arrow "vying for inclusion in the team -- but not all the heroes are in favor of the outspoken new candidate, especially Aquaman."

The Source also included Jim Lee's cover for the issue, which features Green Arrow in front of a poster of the Justice League. Lee will return to "Justice League" for Issue #9 in a new story arc called "The Villain's Journey."

Stay tuned to CBR News for more information of Carlos D'anda's issue of "Justice League."

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