Carey, Larocca Team for "X-Men: No More Humans" OGN

Writer Mike Carey returns to the world of Marvel's mutants with an original graphic novel set for release in May of 2014. Joining Carey on "X-Men: No More Humans" is longtime Marvel artist Salvador Larroca, as the pair craft a story showing what happens when humans disappear completely from the face of the planet.

"No More Humans" spins directly out of the events of the recently-concluded "Battle of the Atom" crossover, with part of the tale focused specifically on the story of Raze, the future son of Wolverine and Mystique. "As far as he's concerned, everything that happens in our time is established and well-documented history. That gives him a terrific edge, and we see him putting it to harrowing use," Carey told USA Today of Raze's motivations. "We also get to see him interacting with his mother and father. It's not a warm and cuddly family dynamic, sadly."

The 128-page hardcover hits stores May 7 and includes a code for a digital copy of the book as well as "Battle of the Atom" #1.

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