10 Cardcaptor Sakura Memes Too Hilarious For Words

In the world of Magical Girl-related memes, Cardcaptor Sakura is the source for some of the funniest the internet has to offer. And with material like Sakura's ridiculous reactions and the antics of the show's lovable cast, it is near impossible to not chuckle at what CCS fans the world over can create.

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But in today's busy nerdy climate, it can be hard to find the best of the best when it comes to Cardcaptor Sakura memes. Well, think of this list as Sakura personally using The Time card to save you from wasting minutes out of your day. Here's a collection of 10 Cardcaptor Sakura Memes Too Hilarious For Words!

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10 Food Related Talents

If you've been a longtime fan of Cardcaptor Sakura, chances are you've noticed the characters "special set of skills" of the years. And in the case of a particular tall drink of water known as Yukito (a.k.a Sakura's first crush/her brother Touya's "best friend") there is one talent that no matter what the circumstances, he always excels at.

Much like Yuki himself, we all can relate to enjoying food at (what can sometimes be) the most inopportune moments. And when it comes to this silver-haired anime dream boy, he knows how to pick them in the worst and most incredibly hilarious ways.

9 Yamazaki And His "Victims"

Ah, good old Takashi Yamazaki. Though he might not have a deck of magical cards or a mythical sword to throw around, this schoolboy has got some pretty enchanting aspects of his own. He's a loyal friend, can be incredibly charismatic (even with his eyes closed), and produces some of the greatest tall tales the world has ever heard.

Memes like this give fans the always important reminder about the "heights" of Yamazaki's stories, and whom they may have affected along the way. In the beginning, it was his initial 1998 crew who were fooled by his majestic series of spiels. But now, innocent by-standards like Akiho from the Clear Card arc have fallen prey to this junior high student's ways. Luckily, their friend Chiharu is always around to clarify the facts - making her the low-key other hero of the Cardcaptor Sakura franchise. 

8 Kero, The Cat Of Our Magical Girl Dreams

When looking at the adorable Kero, it can be easy to make comparisons to your real-life fluffy companion. From his loud persona, weird facial expressions, constant need for food, and just overall preciousness, Kero is the complete magical pet package. And with the countless other sidekicks in the Magical Girl genre that fit a particular (and sometimes borderline demonic) comparison to household felines, this Tumblr-style meme seems entirely appropriate.

Any pet owner can laugh at this meme, simply because we all want to continually acknowledge how precious our furry babies are, even if we know they're secretly mythical enchanted guardians. Because honestly, don't all pets fit such a description?

7 The Nicest Of Crushes

One of the cutest yet somewhat embarrassingly relatable aspects of Cardcaptor Sakura is the ease at which the characters seem to get crushes on one another. With the cast consisting of primarily 4th graders, it logically makes sense that their romantic emotions would be beginning to run all over the place. So when memes like this pop-up, even if you don't know all the context clues, you get it because we've all been there at some point in our lives.

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In the meme, the silver-haired Yuki bends down to offer the bashful Syaoran a bakery treat. And with the accompanying Tumblr post, it can be quite obvious to get the very logical thought going through a specific character's mind. You really shouldn't be getting a crush that easily on someone - but when your young brain is starting to kick into overdrive, it is sure to happen.

6 Finding Your Fandom

Throughout the landscapes of that magical place known as The Internet, finding "your people" (the ones that get the stuff you're a fan of) can be just a click away. But finding such like-minded individuals in real life can be an even better discovering, and can make you feel as sparkly as Tomoyo does in this adorable meme.

Using an image from the manga, Tomoyo proudly declares that the resuming of "Cardcaptor activities" - as if to signify (in harmony with the meme) that she has found people who can celebrate her fandom with her, so the fangirling now must commence. And whenever you find a new friend that can bond with you over a nerdy passion, it truly is the most magical of feelings.

5 Angry Video Game Kero

Kero is known for many things - helping Sakura in her card collecting quest, being adorable, and playing video games with such intensity that it comes across as scary at times. This particular skill is the source for many moments of comedic brilliance within the Cardcaptor Sakura series and continues to be a reoccurring joke that never loses its steam - as pointed out by this brilliantly executed meme.

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Referring to the internet-famous Angry Video Game Nerd, we see Kero aggressively pressing on the game console controller, wanting to beat the game he's playing. Whether you're a fan of AVGN or you've felt a same level of frustration as Kero, any video game-loving fan can relate to this precious magical sidekick.bz

4 More Costume Changes Than Cher

One of the best aspects of Cardcaptor Sakura is the lead protagonist's  costumes. Thanks to her buddy Tomoyo, this magical girl is always covered in something beautifully made, from head-to-toe. But there is another magical lady that shares a similarly sized wardrobe to Sakura - a topic that this meme covers brilliantly.

Known for her excellent choice in sequined gowns and frocks, music legend Cher is the best closet comparison to make to the one Sakura has throughout the franchise. They both love showing off their personalities and aren't afraid of theatrical embellishments, no matter what the occasion.

3 Fan Reactions To Romance

Throughout Cardcaptor Sakura, one thing that always seems to stay consistent is the tug of romantic tension between Sakura and Syaoran. Even during their snippy stage, these two have always had an innocent spark between them. But since Syaoran isn't much of a talker, and Sakura is adorably awkward 24/7, the fandom doesn't expect much from these two.

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Showcased in this meme, we see highlights from Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, recapping some sprinkles of lovey-dovey flourishes between this young pair. And by the end of the meme, the fangirl faints and gasps are (as another anime likes to say) "over 3000".

2 At This Rate

Sometimes one specific frame from an anime works as the greatest of well timed memes. Whether you're having a terrible day at the office, or school is just getting way too chaotic for your liking, Sakura's smiling face seems to sum up all of your feelings in the most brilliant of ways.

Juxtaposed with a line of dialog found in episode 35 of the anime series, mixed with a scene from when Sakura is looking at Yukito, the core humor of this meme comes from the idea that even though we might look as cute as the show's heroine on the outside, on the inside life can sometimes be a terrifying mess.

1 Stop Pretending

Sometimes when you've watched a show for a long time, you notice that characters really love a certain kind of drink. And with the Cardcaptor Sakura franchise just recently turning the big 2-1, Sakura is now "legal" (in the eyes of the fandom - not canon speaking) to enjoy some "special" orange juice.

All kidding aside, memes like this can be a hilarious way to celebrate the anniversary of a franchise - and also simultaneously remind you how old you're getting in the process of witnessing Sakura "grow up" before your anime fandom eyes.

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