Car damages Superman tribute fence surrounding site of Shuster home

A month after thieves stole a historical marker near the Cleveland house where Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created the Man of Steel, a man drove through the fence surrounding the site of Shuster's former home on Tuesday night, damaging large metal plates that reprint the first Superman story.

According to The Plain Dealer, the driver is believed to be a neighbor, who's offering to pay the estimated $2,600 to replace the seven plates he destroyed. The panels, which reprint pages from Action Comics #1, were installed two years ago by the Glenville Development Corporation and the Siegel and Shuster Society.

There is good news, though, at least regarding the historical marker: The newspaper reports that the plaque, stolen in April from the intersection of St. Clair Avenue and East 105th Street, was left at the Glenville neighborhood fire station, presumably because of the intense publicity surrounding the theft. It's thought that the aluminum sign was taken by scrap-metal thieves who mistook it for bronze because of its coloring.

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