Capullo's "Batman" #19 Gatefold Cover Reveals Bruce Wayne's Greatest Enemy

When the partial cover for "Batman" #19 was revealed, fans were surprised to see Bruce Wayne pointing a pistol at an unknown figure due to the character's historical aversion to guns. Today, DC Comics compounded the mystery when The Source debuted series artist Greg Capullo's full cover, part of April's linewide gatefold cover initiative, revealing exactly who Wayne has in his sights.

The cover and reveal certainly falls in line with the now-discarded cover branding of "WTF Certified" as Bruce Wayne points a gun at longtime ally and friend Commissioner James Gordon. Capullo's "Batman" #19 is the latest of the gatefold covers to see release, with "Batwing" #19 revealed exclusively on CBR earlier today.

"Batman" #19 is one of two issues before Snyder and Capullo's recently announced "Batman: Zero Year," an 11-issue "Batman" arc that will explore the beginnings of Batman in the New 52 continuity.

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