Capullo, Snyder Want Fan Feedback For Next DC Project

One of DC Comics' most popular creative teams are asking fans to help them pick their next book, or at least, they're joking about it. Artist Greg Capullo took to Twitter with a poll regarding what he and writer Scott Snyder should work on next, streamlining things to just a couple of options.

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Wonder Woman and Swamp Thing are the two options in the poll which has garnered over 4,000 votes so far, with the majority leaning towards Swamp Thing. Coincidentally, Snyder has worked on Swamp Thing in the past along with fellow scribe Jeff Lemire and artist Yanick Paquette. As for Wonder Woman, the creative duo are enjoying taking her into the battlefield in Dark Nights: Metal, where she's part of the resistance against the invading Batmen from the dark pocket of DC's multiverse.

Snyder and Capullo gained notoriety over the last few years thanks to their epic run on Batman, which kickstarted in 2011 and produced arcs such as "Court of Owls," "Death of the Family" and "Endgame," overseeing the likes of Bruce Wayne returning in the suit after Grant Morrison killed him, Dick Grayson taking up the mantle with Damian Wayne as Robin, Bruce resuming duty and the eternal battle with a seemingly immortal Joker, and of course, Jim Gordon becoming a mecha-Batman. Given the fun they've been having with baby Darkseid and Deathstroke riding seahorses in Metal as well, fans will be eager to see what craziness they concoct next.

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