Capullo Shares Early Batman: The Red Death Concept Drawing

As part of the Dark Nights: Metal miniseries, DC Comics has released one-shot comics for each of the Dark Knights, who are dark, mashed up versions of Batman and other iconic Justice League members. Now, artist Greg Capullo has shared concept art of one of these Dark Knights: the Red Death, a Batman who took control of the Speed Force from the Flash of his Earth.

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The Red Death’s design originally played up more of the Batman elements. His wings look more Bat-like, and the classic fins that Bats wears on his boots were also included. True to the Metal event, there are also spikes on his shoulders that make him look menacing. In both designs, the Red Death certainly is one intimidating foe. If the Flash and Batman are dangerous individually, the two of them combined is something worse, as evidenced both here and in the Metal event.

The Red Death will go up against the Flash in The Flash #33, which goes on sale October 25.

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