Captain Marvel: 5 Heroes Who Can’t Stand Her (& 5 Who She Can Always Count On)

It’s hard to believe that anybody who isn’t on the side of evil would ever have a bad opinion of Marvel’s current darling, Carol Danvers. She’s smart, beautiful, down-to-earth and when it comes to power in the MCU right now, she’s unmatched. So what’s the beef? When it comes to heroics, there are a lot of egos to consider, Captain Marvel included. There are some who can stand to let her take the spotlight and follow her lead, and there are those who would rather eat lead than back down. Let’s find out who is who.

10 Can’t Stand Her: Rogue

This is a feud that goes back farther and runs deeper than is comfortable to think about. Back when Rogue was a child soldier, her mother, the famous villainess Mystique, turned Rogue against Carol Danvers for reasons that are far too complicated to get into. Suffice it to say, the situation got very bad very fast. Rogue went after Captain Marvel, essentially ambushing her, and totally stripped her of her entire identity, leaving her a blank slate. Once recovered, Carol was devastated and from then on, the encounters between the two have never been pleasant.

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9 Count On: Maria Rambeau

Who better to count on than your best friend? Maria Rambeau isn’t strictly speaking a "superhero" but she certainly gained hero status when she charged into space to aid Nick Fury and Carol Danvers in finding Mar-Vell’s secret lab. In true ride-or-die fashion, Maria fought off the Kree and also managed to outmaneuver and kill Minn-erva, an alien pilot of supposedly superior intelligence. Maria’s a kick-butt pilot and mechanic who supported Carol through her decision to become Captain Marvel, and a single mom who gives amazing pep talks. We all could use a Maria Rambeau when the going gets tough.

8 Can’t Stand Her: Magneto

Technically, Magneto isn’t a hero; he’s more of an anti-hero, or even a reluctant hero. Regardless, he and Captain Marvel do not get along. At one point he destroyed a corrupted version of her, which isn’t really the way to get on someone’s good side. Later on, in another not-so-popular edition of the comics, Captain Marvel makes an unsavory comment about Magneto being a Holocaust survivor. Needless to say, this has created some bad blood that doesn’t look like it will be resolved anytime soon.

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7 Count On: Spider-Man

“Hey Peter Parker, ya got something for me?” One of the best-known lines from Endgame, so much that it’s even generated its own meme. The relationship between Spider-Man and Captain Marvel can only be compared to that of an older sister and her kid brother (though that can be said for many heroes when it comes to Peter Parker). However, there is one occasion where they actually went on a "date". It was in exchange for his help getting dirt on Norman Osborn, and nothing really came of it, but it still counts as proof of their friendship.

6 Can’t Stand Her: Rocket Raccoon

To be fair, Rocket Raccoon can’t stand most people. He’s an armed, talking raccoon full of malice and snark, so most people can’t stand him either. The dislike between him and Captain Marvel is comedic at best. Carol’s pet Flerken Chewie was outed as an alien by none other than Rocket, who vacillated between wanting to kill the so-called cat or sell it for a profit. By the end of the comic, Chewie was able to win Rocket over and the disagreement ended. Still, his antics definitely got a rise out of Captain Marvel, and not in a good way.

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5 Count On: Star-Lord

Peter Quill isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and he has a knack for getting into unnecessary scrapes. Still, in a pinch, he’s someone who can be relied on. As galactic defenders, Captain Marvel and Star-Lord have each other’s backs at all times. Captain Marvel helped Quill defeat his father, and in turn, Star-Lord assisted her in her fight against Iron Man during the 2nd Civil War. In fact, Captain Marvel has helped The Guardians so much she could be counted as an honorary one herself. Everyone can rest assured that the universe is safe in the hands of these two.

4 Can’t Stand Her: Deadpool

There’s not much to say about the relationship between Deadpool and Captain Marvel; it’s virtually non-existent. However, the ways their paths have crossed have been a little weird, to say the least. In a lesser-known continuity, Deadpool uses Hank Pym particles to destroy Captain Marvel and many of the other Avengers. Granted, this happened in a separate dimension, but when the merc with a mouth next encounters Carol Danvers, she puts his insides on the outside with a powerful photon blast. Safe to say, she has no special love for the guy, and the feeling is most likely mutual.

3 Count On: Captain America

Captain America is probably the number one poster child for reliability, especially if you’re in his tightknit circle of friends. Captain Marvel falls neatly into this category, having fought with Captain America in her first solo issue against Absorbing Man. He then convinced her to take up the mantle of Captain Marvel in place of Ms. Marvel, and a lasting friendship was born. This friendship was tested many times throughout the comics, but has ultimately stood the test of conflict and time. After all, they are both superhumans, although they came about it by different means —Captain America through choice, Captain Marvel by accident⁠—but they both are patriotic Americans.

2 Can’t Stand Her: Iron Man

The last thing the MCU needs is another Civil War, so let’s hope this isn’t a storyline that’s being considered for Phase 4. The conflict stems from Captain Marvel’s desire to use an Inhuman, Ulysses, and his predictions of possible wrongdoing to stop catastrophes and crime. Tony Stark asserts that acting on a possible future is dangerous and immoral. Unlike the first Civil War, many fans have sided with Stark’s point of view that people shouldn’t be punished for what they might do. The War that ensues is unpleasant for everyone and results in more than a few casualties.

1 Count On: Iron Man

Little-known fact: in one version of the comics, Carol Danvers had a serious drinking problem. It resurfaced in the Civil War continuity, with Carol and Tony Stark attending an AA meeting after the stressful events of the comic had transpired. However, during the introduction of Carol’s alcoholism, Iron Man was the first to notice the symptoms and approach Carol about the danger. He was hugely empathetic and was an ally to her recovery. Despite the harsh way that The Avengers had to find out , Stark remained a calm and supportive friend.

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