Captain Marvel May Tease the MCU Debut of a Major Cosmic Threat

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WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Captain Marvel, in theaters now.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is always growing, always expanding to feature new characters with each and every entry in the franchise. Eagle-eyed fans are usually even able to guess at which characters are coming next thanks to small cameos featured throughout the films, such as the mention of Stephen Strange in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

However, one such hint from Captain Marvel might tease a potential threat that could endanger the entire universe. A small but specific moment from the film hints at the MCU introduction of Galactus himself, and could set up the arrival of the world-eater in future films.

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The Devourer of Worlds

Galactus was first introduced during Fantastic Four #48 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, alongside his herald Silver Surfer. Coming up against the Fantastic Four, Galactus almost destroyed the Earth in his very first appearance. It took three issues for the team to stop him (which was an incredibly long time during the faster paced Silver Age), and in the process turned Galactus into one of the most dangerous and memorable antagonists in the entire Marvel Universe.

Galactus has gone on to receive a great deal of attention over the years, and was eventually revealed to be the last survivor of the universe that existed before the Big Bang. Turned into a celestial power by the creation of the current universe, he consumes worlds across the cosmos to feed his power. Alien armies flee in abject terror when he comes to their worlds, and Galactus is responsible for the destruction of countless planets.

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But Galactus is not a mindless threat. He has a strange sense of honor and even a begrudging respect for humanity. Galactus has gone through plenty of changes over the years, even being transformed into a golden creator by the Ultimates before having to revert to his former self in the aftermath of Infinity Countdown.

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