Captain Marvel & Shazam Join Forces in Electrifying New Fan Art

Captain Marvel Shazam

While some fans remain locked in debates over who's the true Captain Marvel, fan art has emerged online showing that for true comic lovers, both the DC and Marvel versions deserve love, especially on the big screen.

Artist Ultraraw26 posted his latest piece, a mash-up of Zachary Levi's magical superhero from Warner Bros.' Shazam! and Brie Larson's Carol Danvers from Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel. It's a very well-knit composition with the artistic rendering playing up Carol's cosmic haze in the background and Shazam's lightning-based backdrop. What makes the piece complete is how Shazam's lightning bolt emblem merges into Carol's Hala logo on her war-suit, reminding us that at the end of the day, they're both Captain Marvel.

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To clear the air on which is the real Captain Marvel, the DC version debuted first, even before the publisher gained the rights to the character. C.C. Beck and Bill Parker created him in 1939 for Fawcett Comics, and his early comics even outsold Superman's. However, Fawcett stopped publishing Captain Marvel comic books in 1953.

In 1972, DC licensed the character and brought him back, finally acquiring the rights to Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family by 1991. However, Marvel also had a character at that time named Captain Marvel, and that brought about trademark issues. Marvel Comics introduced Mar-Vell in 1967's Marvel Super-Heroes #12, by Stan Lee and Gene Colan, and he soon got his own comic book titled Captain Marvel. That was during the time where the original Captain Marvel from Fawcett Comics was dormant, so Marvel jumped on the opportunity. Since no one was using Captain Marvel as a trademark, Marvel gained the rights to it.

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However, despite this, DC could still call its character Captain Marvel within the pages of the comics. It was only the title of the books -- and the movies and TV shows -- that could not have the character's official name listed. In the '70s, the hero's Saturday morning cartoon was called The Shazam!/Isis Hour, which is what influences the modern interpretation of the character.

Captain Marvel is in theaters now, while Shazam! will be released April 5 nationwide.

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