Does Captain Marvel Still Have a 'Seventh Sense'?

In her 2005 Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe, they weren't sure...

In the 2010 extra-continuity miniseries, Black Widow and the Marvel Girls #3 (by Paul Tobin and Salva Espin), Carol still had the powers...

But again, that was clearly not meant to be in continuity (I use the term "extra-continuity" for stuff like that, which are stories who don't hang their out of continuity nature on their sleeves, but clearly don't fit into continuity).

The closest we've come to Carol Danvers' having any sort of "Seventh Sense" ability was when Al Ewing and Travel Foreman sort of established her as having a bit of a cosmic awareness in Ultimates 2 #1...

That's by FAR the only even SLIGHT mention of her "Seventh sense" in an in-continuity comic book since she came back to Earth in the 1990s and dropped the Binary name (and most of the Binary powers). She was involved in a whole storyline, Civil War II, that DEALT with precognition and her powers weren't addressed, so while obviously Marvel could always just say tomorrow, "Oh yeah, she still has them," I think it is safe to say that, for now, they have been abandoned.

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