Captain Marvel Tracking for An Insanely Strong Opening Weekend Box Office

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Captain Marvel looks to be another monster hit for the Marvel Cinematic Universe when it lands in theaters on March 8. According to early tracking numbers, the first female-led superhero movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe will open to well over $100 million domestically.

The Hollywood Reporter states studios tracking the metrics for the movie are calling it "giant" and reportedly said there is "unaided awareness and definite interest."

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This would make it the biggest box-office debut since Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hit theaters last June, with its opening weekend netting $148 million. There is also a chance Captain Marvel could beat out Wonder Woman's opening weekend from 2017. The first female-led movie from in the DC Extended Universe opened to $103 million domestically.

Last year, Avengers: Infinity War opened with a $257 million opening weekend in April and Black Panther opened with $202 million. The latter movie ended up as the highest grossing MCU movie domestically while Infinity War is the fourth highest grossing movie worldwide of all-time.

With that said, Ant-Man and the Wasp only opened to $75 million on the Fourth of July weekend. The movie only made $14 million more in its entire run than Black Panther made in its opening weekend. If the projections for Captain Marvel hold, then it would be a big rebound from Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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Captain Marvel is also carried by the fact the character is not only the first female to headline an MCU movie, but is also a character Marvel has made clear will play a major role in Avengers: Endgame. While Ant-Man and the Wasp might have been just another superhero movie, Captain Marvel looks to be must-watch material for people excited to see how the Avengers saga ends.

Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck from a script they wrote with Liz Flahive, Carly Mensch, Meg LeFauve, Nicole Perlman and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Captain Marvel stars Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Jude Law as Mar-Vell, Clark Gregg as Phil Coulson, Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser, Djimon Hounsou as Korath the Pursuer, Gemma Chan as Minn-Erva, Ben Mendelsohn as Talos and Lashana Lynch as Maria Rambeau. The film arrives on March 8.

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