New Captain Marvel Comic Will Reinvent Carol Danvers' Origin Story

Carol Danvers will receive a new updated origin story, beginning in Marvel Comics' Life of Captain Marvel #1 on July 4.

Writer Margaret Stohl, who penned Carol's adventures in The Mighty Captain Marvel, will be joined by artist Carlos Pacheco.

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"This one is especially important to me," Stohl told ABC News. "I relate to Carol Danvers so personally. And I really wanted to be able to do this and go back in before her movie launches."

According to a Marvel press release, what prompts the retelling of Captain Marvel's origin story will be "crippling anxiety attacks [that] put her on the sidelines in the middle of a fight."


The synopsis goes on to say, "Carol finds herself reliving memories of a life she thought was far behind her. You can’t outrun where you’re from — and sometimes, you HAVE to go home again. But there are skeletons in Captain Marvel’s closet — and what she discovers will change her entire world."

Stohl added that elements of Captain Marvel's current origin, including the Kree, will still be a major part of her story.

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Life of Captain Marvel #1 by Margaret Stohl and Carlos Pacheco launches July 4 from Marvel Comics.

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