Feige Explains How Captain Marvel Alters MCU History

With its upcoming film Captain Marvel, Marvel Studios is rewriting the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe by going back to a time before Robert Downey Jr. became Iron Man. As previously revealed, the 1990s-set film will introduce Carol Danvers at the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first modern hero, and according to studio President Kevin Feige, it's all about going back to a time before they knew what lay ahead of them.

While discussing the future of the MCU with Entertainment Weekly, Feige addressed the reasoning for setting Captain Marvel in the '90s: to explore a period in time long before Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury knew about any of the other heroes and the "crazy stuff" going on around the world. It essentially goes back to Fury's first words to Tony Stark in the post-credits scene of 2008's Iron Man.

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"You know, we first met Nick when he told Tony, 'You’re part of a big universe. You just don’t know yet,'" Feige recalled. "Well, we want to go back to a time when he didn’t know it yet, and really showcase and announce that Carol Danvers was that first hero that Nick came across. That meant she could be the singular hero, but place it within timing of the MCU."

While there's still plenty that we don't know regarding Captain Marvel, which has only just begun filming, Feige said that by setting the film in the '90s, they're also able to pay homage to action movies of the era.

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"It also got us talking about different genres, exploring this notion of sort of the ‘90s action film," he said. "We hadn’t necessarily done anything like that before either, so there are definitely homages to our favorite ‘90s action films within Captain Marvel."

Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck from a screenplay by Nicole Perlman, Meg LeFauve and Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Captain Marvel is scheduled to debut in theaters on March 8, 2019.

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